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10 Steps to a succesful garage sale

  1. A group sale is better than selling alone. If you can coordinate a weekend with your neighbors, you will draw more traffic. Or have other family members bring stuff to sell so you can advertise a multi family sale.
  2. Adverstise your sale! Buy a paid classified ad the week before the sale. Put up lots of signs that are easy to read, the day of the sale and take them back down when you are done.
  3. Clean all your items, they'll bring more money that way, and offer things that you have lots of, quantity discounts ,example books .50 cents each or 3 for $1.00 is a good pricing strategy
  4. Price things carefully. Most things are easy to price, but some will give you trouble. You don't want to just give away your perfectly functional television, but at the same time you want the price to be low enough that people will be interested. Some stuff just won't sell at any price. ”
  5. Label things well. But still some people will still ask you how much that potholder costs, even though it has a $2 price tag on it.
  6. Be friendly. You don't need to chat with everyone, but be open to conversations. Say “hello” to people. Answer questions. Entertain the kids so that their parents can shop. Build goodwill.
  7. Have plenty of change, but keep your money with you, use a fanny pack or a carpenter's apron it only takes a moment for a theif to steal a cash box.
  8. Be willing to bargain, but be less flexible at the start. Don't be completely rigid on the first day, but don't give your stuff away.
  9. Have your kids operate a small stand, Cute kids selling lemonade or coffee in the morning are a sure way to make more money.
  10. Finally Donate any unsold items to charity.


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