Steak Casserole


1.5 to 2 lbs Round Steak

½ cup flour

¼ cup canola oil

2-3 potatoes sliced thin

3-4 carrots sliced thin

1 large onion sliced thin

Preheat over to 400

Spray a 9x13x2 in casserole dish with non stick-cooking spray

Wash, and trim steak, season flour with salt and pepper, and coat steaks, then pan fry in a small amount of oil and place in the baking dish. Saute your onions in the leftover oil.

When all steaks are browned and in dish, add potatoes, onions, carrots, over the top of the meat. Use some of your leftover flour coating to make a gravy in the pan of leftover drippings. Simply stir 1/4 cup or so of the flour in the pan brown a bit and then, add 2 to 3 cups of water and heat until barely thickened and pour over veggies and meat.

Add more salt and pepper if necessary.

Bake for an hour covered with foil. Serve as desired


Rachel's Notes: Browning the onions is crucial in this recipe it makes the flavor much richer, also you may have to use a food processor to get everything thin enough, I used mine and the potatoes cooked nicely, the first time I cooked this casserole I have to bake it almost 2.5 hours to get everything done. I found the recipe here She has lots of great recipes.




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This is a family favorite