Easy Pepper Steak


Ok if you make any of the roast recipes I have on my site you need something to do with the leftovers so here's one of the ways I use the leftover roast.


12 ounces leftover round roast sliced thin

1 package frozen, chopped, bell peppers and onions tri color mix

¼ cup soy sauce

3 tablespoon canola oil

1 tbsp rice wine vinegar

2 tsp cornstarch (optional)

½ tsp of black pepper (fresh ground if you have a pepper mill)

¼ tsp or so crushed red pepper (optional)

Hot cooked rice

In a medium large skillet, heat oil and add frozen pepper onion mix, sauté until desired doneness is achieved, I like mine fairly soft.

Mix cornstarch, soy sauce and rice wine vinegar, pour over pepper onion mix and continue to cook until sauce thickens, if it gets too thick thin with a little chicken broth.

Add black pepper and crushed red pepper, serve over a bed of rice.

Serves 3-4

Rachel's notes, this is very tangy and a little spicy, my DH likes this recipe. If you don't have any rice wine vinegar just use regular white vinegar. Also I generally double the sauce so I have plenty to cover the rice.

I used a recipe from here and adapted it for my use

Lots of good recipes at that site


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