Mexican Lasagna

1 can refried beans

1 can dice tomatoes with green chilies

1 lb ground beef lean

1 small onion chopped

1 bell pepper chopped

1 can of corn drained Mexican or regular

1 pkg taco seasoning or 1.5 tablespoons homemade

1- 8 oz package shredded cheese

6-8 small flour tortillas or corn whatever you prefer


Preheat oven to 350 degrees,

Place chopped onion, bell pepper, and ground beef in skillet and cook until beef is browned and onion and bell pepper are soft. Drain any excess grease and add taco seasoning, corn and tomatoes with green chilies.

Use a deep pan but not too large, you can use a 9x13 inch pan if that's all you have but you will probably just get 2 layers in one that large

Place about ½ cup meat mixture on bottom of pan, take flour tortillas and spread with refried beans and lay on top of the meat mixture over lapping if necessary, add ½ cup cheese and more meat on top, then more tortillas spread with beans, more cheese, repeat layers until all ingredients are used ending with meat mixture and reserving a small amount of cheese.

Bake uncovered about 30 minutes until mixture is warm and bubbly top with remaining cheese and bake a few more minutes until cheese is melted, let stand a few minutes and serve with sour cream and salsa as desired,

Rachel's Notes: I love this dish, Dh loves this dish, sometimes I make 2 of these and freeze one to bake at a later date, I can then program my oven to have this dish baked when I get home, it is just Yummy, I adapted this from a recipe I saw in a magazine.


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This is a family favorite