I think why most people don't like to make homemade pudding is all the stirring and trying to keep the pudding from scorching, well this pudding is made in the microwave (Jo Ann Matthews told me about microwaving pudding, Thanks JO!)


Easy Homemade Banana Pudding


1/2 C Sugar (or splenda)

1/3 C Flour

2 whole egg or 3 yolks

2 C milk

1 box vanilla Wafers

5 bananas

1/2 tsp Vanilla


In a large microwave safe bowl ,combine sugar and flour, stir in eggs and then add the milk, microwave on high for 2 mins, take out and stir, after that microwave in 1 minute intervals until pudding thickens;(It took mine about 7minutes or so) always stirring well with a wire whisk to keep pudding smooth and lump free.

When pudding has thickened take out and add vanilla and stir well.

Slice bananas and start layering bananas, vanilla wafers and pudding. Top with either more wafers or whipped topping if desired.

This pudding is designed to be chilled to allowed time for flavors to meld.

Rachel's notes:

This one is like the pudding my Mother made when I was little absolutely delicious! Not too terribly sweet like some, of course if you like it sweeter increase sugar. Since you microwave this pudding you don't have to worry about scorching , fast and easy.

The DH said this was the best banana pudding I ever made.



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