Party Poppers Meatballs

1 pkg frozen meatballs (2 LBS PKG)

18 ounces grape jelly

2 bottles BBQ sauce (your favorite kind )


In a bowl combine grape jelly and BBQ sauce Use a whisk and mix until smooth, pour over meatballs and heat until meatballs are heated thru, if you use a crockpot keep on low heat until warmed through about 3-4 hours.

Rachel's notes: I looked at a lot of recipes on the internet, I also heard them talking about this one on a radio show I was listening to, so I can't say that 1 recipe influenced this. I think the recipe is basically the same all over. You may need to adjust the amount of grape jelly you use is you find this too sweet, also you can use this same sauce with cocktail franks. Enjoy!

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