K95.5 presents Rambler at Country Joe's!

Troy! (19,521 bytes)Dave rockin the house (15,967 bytes)Salyer Group, when is the food coming? (36,619 bytes)Hey look it's Rod from Sharpe's! (22,411 bytes)One packed house!!!!  (32,269 bytes)
on  the left is Tim (22,139 bytes)Can you say... Ladies man! (34,553 bytes)Look .. you can see Matt (he is on the drums) (36,276 bytes)I must be be dreaming! (14,116 bytes)deep thoughts by Dave (17,070 bytes)
Play it brother (15,425 bytes)Ain't nobody ever loved me like that... (14,873 bytes)Man, this is a great looking crowd! (21,593 bytes)words.. I wish I could find the words... (18,797 bytes)the unbutton shirt thing drive the girls nutts! (37,025 bytes)
WoW, howd she do that? (17,267 bytes)Left is Troy center is Tim and right is Dave (38,335 bytes)I love this place!!! (18,333 bytes)Is that a brownie? (18,295 bytes)This is cool... (40,374 bytes)
...Talk of the town... (30,676 bytes)Great job on Copperhead road! (35,853 bytes)Great shot of Matt!!! (39,274 bytes)Did you know that Tim and Dave were twins? (34,614 bytes)ONe hotttt lick!!! (14,560 bytes)
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