K95.5 Colgate Showdown at Crosswire!

Winner is Brad Porton _______________ K95.5 photo page

Lisa:     Thank you so much! We, my family, friends and I, had a freakin blast at Crosswire that evening.  I was really impressed by how nice the other contestants were. I didn't know anyone and I was kinda the "guy from outta town." BUT, that's not the way I was treated and you have no idea how much I appreciate that. The finals competition was officially the MOST CHALLENGING competition I have EVER competed in. You weren't kidding when you said that NE texas had good talent. I, of course, was very impressed with the local support that I saw for many of the local performers. Many of them could very well be big soon. I would like to thank you personally for operating a professional talent show production with extremely organized materials and crew . I DO listen to K95.5 when I am in Broken Bow, and I will continue to listen. I can see why you are #1 in Arbitron Ratings again and again and again. You are a very professional group of people. Thanks!  Brad