Stephen Moffitt / ‘Uncle Steve's Redneck Anthology'
I'm Stephen Moffitt, an eighteen-year-old senior at Hugo High School . My book ‘Uncle Steve's Redneck Anthology' was recently published by Publish America and is now available for purchase at Hastings in Paris, Texas,,,, and various other bookstores. The book includes various comedic tales of people from the redneck society of America . For example; a tale of a drunken man who mistakes his dead brother's ashes(contained in a Tupperware dish) for coffee grounds and ends up drinking him, a tale of two rednecks in the future battling an evil repo man, and even a dysfunctional family's Christmas holiday, along with three other stories.
I've been writing ever since my freshmen year in High School. My English teacher, Mrs. Gee, had us writing daily journal entries (which I really did not like, because I found them to be boring). I learned that her honors class was writing short books for an assignment and were holding a reception to present their books. I asked Mrs. Gee if it would be alright if I stopped writing the journal entries and could take up writing a book like the honors classes instead. She agreed and I was able to have more freedom with my writing style than the others, because it wasn't a real assignment for me. Thus ‘Uncle Steve's Trailer Park Adventures' was born as a short book I had written back then. I continued writing and finally came up with ‘Uncle Steve's Redneck Anthology' around May of 2005. I liked it so much I decided to strive over the summer to get it published. I finally came across and sent my manuscript in on an email. About a week later I got an email back that they liked the book and were interested in publishing it. Less than a month after that I signed a contract for PublishAmerica to print the book for the next seven years, and now you have ‘Uncle Steve's Redneck Anthology' on the shelves.
I am currently working on ‘Uncle Steve's Redneck Anthology: Volume 2' to be out later this year or early next year. I am also working on another comedy book that is also associated with comedic blue-collar characters. I look forward to keep on writing from now and on into the far future. I get strange ideas all the time and can't help but write them out into a story.
My greatest inspiration has definitely been Mrs. Valerie Gee who's encouraged me to get published and show me I have the talent to write just about anything (especially comedy). My high school librarian, Mrs. Susan Brewer, has been major help in promoting the book and encouraging me to read books to view other author's styles of writing. As for personal inspirations of the whole redneck thing, well that credit would have to go to my uncle, Bobie Thompson, and the everyday citizens of the small southern towns.
I currently have two book signings/receptions set up for the month of February. One being on the 12 th at the Hugo High School Library at 2pm , books will be available for purchase and provided by Hastings . Another signing will be held at Hastings in Paris , Texas from 3-5pm . I would like to set up more signings with more of the Hastings stores throughout the area and perhaps further in the near future. Having this book published has opened up a great door to my life and a possible career (though I still would like to go into teaching). I greatly enjoy seeing people's reactions to my writing and making them laugh. I plan to keep writing for a very long time, probably as long as my hands are still working.

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