K95.5 Morning Circus drives Winston Cup Cars

Special Thanks to Coca-Cola and Food Fast!

The K95.5 Morning Circus, Barry Diamond and Will Payne (36,842 bytes)
Barry's car in the garage before race day (40,834 bytes)All lined up! (43,123 bytes)The day started out cloudy and 27 degrees! (42,108 bytes)TEXAS MOTOR SPEEDWAY! (38,865 bytes)Did we mention speeds up to 165 mph? (30,647 bytes)
Number 11 (28,456 bytes)The winner of the contest Ricky Bettes in the #9 car! (27,235 bytes)Number 7 had to retire early due to engine trouble. (28,419 bytes)Barry Diamond in the #33 car! (28,254 bytes)Will Payne in the #10 car! (30,828 bytes)
One hot lap for Barry! (28,980 bytes)Last call for #7 (40,937 bytes)Ricky Bettes he won the chance to drive a Winston Cup Car! (47,854 bytes)Martin Ayers from Paris, Texas (45,748 bytes)Martin in the #22 car (43,096 bytes)
Barry and Ricky getting suited up! (42,159 bytes)The K95.5 Morning Circus, Barry Diamond and Will Payne (36,842 bytes)Left is Barry Diamond and Right is Will Payne (37,053 bytes)Ricky Bettes (38,031 bytes)Will in the #10 car (38,546 bytes)
Will waiting for the green light! (39,974 bytes)One last check before the green flag! (45,668 bytes)K95.5's Barry Diamond getting out! (41,487 bytes)ahh 165 mph, it was a piece of cake! (52,761 bytes) To the Front Page