Viva Las Vegas
Will and Brandi's Adventure into the dry heat!
Pictures and links to some of the most exciting places in Las Vegas Nevada!

This is the hotel we stayed at in Las Vegas. If you like the comfort of the French Quarter than you will love staying at the Orleans hotel! It is not located on the strip but it does have shuttle services to the Gold Coast and Barbary Coast. The shuttle is inconsistant and only runs between 9:00 am and 12:00 pm. We found ourselves taking cabs back at night. One of the advantages of not staying on the strip is that the hotel is not overcrowded. We were able to walk around without bumping into anyone. This would be a great hotel to take a group to. Also it has a place for the kids to play, movie theater, and a 73 lane bowling alley.

The rooms are from 02 to 46, 02 is at the end of the hall, guess which room we had? Go figure..

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