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k95.5 Internet Minute Archive *September 1999!

9-30-99Western Digital Recalls Hard Drives IRVINE, Calif. (AP) A defective computer chip has forced Western Digital Corp. to recall 400,000 hard disk drives. Western Digital officials said it was unclear how many of the affected hard drives actually were in consumer hands or how much the recall would cost. The company, which supplies equipment to Gateway Inc. and Compaq Computer Corp., said many of the disk drives were still in the hands of manufacturers and sellers. The defect can cause the hard drives the part of the computer that stores data to fail to power up after six to 12 months of use, company officials said Monday. ``No data has been lost, and none is in danger of being lost,'' said Charles Haggerty, Western Digital's chief executive. The recall is the latest in a string of problems, including recent layoffs and a plunging stock price, for the Orange County-based computer company. The hard drives being recalled are part of the WD Cavair series. They were made between Aug. 27 and last Friday, and have drive capacities between 6.4 gigabytes and 20.5 gigabytes, the company said. Consumers who purchased computers in the past month can check specification sheets on their machines to see if they include a Western Digital drive, officials said. The company's Web site, www.westerndigital.com, offers a software program that can be downloaded to identify affected products.

9-29-99Looking for something? Search . Click here to shop!

9-28-99 The latest Nike shoes, sports wear from a funny looking animal named FOGDOG Click here to enter FogDog

9-27-99 Chris Gaines,Garth Brooks,Chris gaines. What is going on? Find out at Chris Gaines dot Com!

9-24-99 Thinking about Christmas? The little kids will love this. It is a MP3 storage device from Sony. Now you can take your favorite music with you anywhere! If you love music and you are addicted to the internet this is the toy for you! Click here

9-23-99 Program Your VCR Using the Net The Honeywell Corporation plans to launch a product that lets individuals control home devices, including VCRs, security systems, and temperature controls, using the Internet. click here

9-22-99 The gre@estEmailAddressOnThe.Net is up for sale on ebay.com, we had a chance to talk with one of the owners of the email address this morning. We don't have an web site address to visit but you can email them at TheGre@estEmailAddressOnThe.net

9-21-99 to find out all the latest news information click here

9-20-99 (Yom Kippur) Easy Ways to Make Your Teen More Money-Savvy Learning about money can put your teens on the road to financial security. Parents can visit these websites for pointers: for a guidebook created by government experts with input from Mastercard International. to view Kids and Cash, a tipsheet from Ohio State University designed for kids of varying ages.Five Steps to Raising Credit Savvy Teens from the New York State Society of Certified Public Accountants.

9-17-99 Elvis is Alive! A fantastic site giving you all the info you would ever need about the man, the legend, the KING!

9-16-99 The entertainment asylum a neat site to find out the latest entertainment news. Movies, TV, News, and get the scoop on the new fall line up on TV.

Entertainment Asylum

9-15-99 Just in time for Christmas, well it about time to start thinking about it. One hot items under everyone Christmas tree this year will be software! And we a neat one for the whole family! The Face Factory! It takes your face and make it 3-D. One big bonus is that you can E-mail your results to others. Take a look.

Get 3-D

9-14-99 As 150 mph wind slam the Central Bahamas, more than 1 million Floridians are urged to evacuate before the Category 4 hurricane nears the U.S. mainland.

Click here to find out more about Floyd

9-13-99 Do you hate your car or truck? Well you're not alone! We want to hear about it.

click here then look for "do you hate your car/truck" and let us know!

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