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09-3-08 www.greenseng.com Y Combinator startup CO2Stats has launched asearch engine that aspires to be truly green. Greenseng (sounds likeGinseng) is a standard search engine, pulling results from Google's CustomSearch to produce results. But instead of relying on a dubious method ofenergy conservation, CO2Stats measures the amount of energy used by itsservers and the computers of its users and purchases renewable energycertificates (similar to carbon credits) to offset the environmental toll.

09-5-08 http://www.docstoc.com/ DocStoc, the professional document network,has launched a pair of new features that help transition the site fromprimarily a document sharing platform to a personal document archive aswell. The features, dubbed MyDocs and Sync, allow users to quickly uploadtheir files to the web, where they can be quickly accessed from any computerthat supports the ubiquitous Flash plugin.

09-08-08 http://www.mint.com/ Free Personal Finace Software, Online Money Management, Budget Planner And Financia Planning.

09-10-08 http://www.alfabetic.com/index.html AlfaBetic is a translation
service that offers publishers a free way to have their content translated
to ten of the web's most popular languages, which it says will expose them
842 million potential new readers.

9-11-08 www.Grockit.com massively multiplayer online learning. Grockit is
a multiplayer online environment where players can earn experience points by
showing off their knowledge in educational games. Then they earn "grockit"
points (named after the concept of "grokking" in the science fiction novel
Stranger in a Strange Land) by playing games with less experienced users and
helping them out.

9-15-08 http://www.truecar.com/  Find out what others are paying for a new car.

9-16-08 Website: http://www.postbox-inc.com/ A new desktop email application, PostboxT helps users spend less time
managing email and more time using email to get things done. Powered by the
Mozilla platform, Postbox automatically detects, analyzes and catalogs all
types of content, letting users seamlessly find, organize and act upon text,
images, URLs, addresses and more hidden deep within their mail store. Since
found data is displayed in context it can be easily repurposed in new
messages or web searches, or even shared online-all from within Postbox.

09-16-08 http://www.birdpost.com/ find the birds you are looking for.

9-22-08 http://www.livehit.com/ LiveHit is a revolutionary new Social
Discovery Service showcasing who and what's hot in the moment across the
social web - it's Your Live Personalized Social Navigation Engine - Your
Custom GPS System to discover contextually relevant rich media content and
people. LiveHit's comprehensive Social Discovery Platform provides a new
extension to social search and discovery by using user-powered navigation
paths to surface what's being viewed live in the moment it's happening.

9-23-08  www.woome.com, the site that throws users into 60-second one-on-one online video sessions to form new relationships, is launching a new public version of the site that should appeal to the voyeur in all of us. The site will now allow users to post recordings of their brief dating sessions to the public in a portion of the site dubbed “WooMe TV”.

9-24-08 Tweegee.com is a pioneering destination site that empowers Tweens to
express themselves creatively and safely in an innovative and customized
online environment. Tweegee integrates social networking, digital content,
and interactive tools to offer a complete online platform for Tweens.

9-26-08 www.dootSpots.com brings the power of Wikipedia - the wisdom of
crowds - to every meme (block of text) on the web, and leverages automatic
semantic matching to distribute each contribution to every instance of that
meme across the web.

9-29-08 www.OtherInbox.com is a new way to manage email overload. You
probably have an "other inbox" already, and it's probably a Yahoo or Gmail
account that you give out because you don't want receipts, newsletters and
social networking notifications to clutter your main email.

9-30-08 www.MIXTT.com is a fresh spin on social networking that enables
groups of friends to meet other groups in their city. Users create group
profiles for their various "cliques" or "crews", post and share social
plans, then connect with other groups based on common interests or
activities. Unlike other social networking sites, MIXTT aims to facilitate
offline interaction, as opposed to merely enhancing time spent at the

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