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Sept 2 MP3 Newswire
This site offers a tutorial on getting started with downloaded music, as well as detailed reviews of new players and links to sites that still offer free music downloads.

Sept 3 National Obituary Archive
This site offers a repository of obituaries and death records with more than 56 million individual entries on file. Visitors may search the archive freely to learn about the deaths of friends or family or to explore relationships when building family trees or doing genealogical research.

Sept 4 http://www.amiannoying.com/ So here's a site for the kind of people who care about the lives of celebrities so much they read People magazine and watch "Entertainment Tonight" to find out who wore what dress while being hooked on what drug while kissing what other celebrity. It's called Am I Annoying.com?

Sept 5 Forbes Global 500
Forbes Global magazine presents its annual list of the world's biggest companies, measured by revenue. Of the 500 companies on the Global 500, a total of 205 are from the U.S. Japan has the second-greatest number of entries, 92. Aggregate revenue of the Global 500: $13 trillion.

Sept 6th http://www.barbiecollectibles.com Check out Barbie's family tree.

Sept. 9th The Sick Call Excuse Generator: http://www.getodd.com/raz/sickday/sickday.html

Sept. 10th Hutchinson Dictionary of Difficult Words
Do you aim to become a member of the literati, or do you wish to be a savant? Do you want to avoid being verbigerative and be succinct instead? Search the Hutchinson 'Dictionary of Difficult Words' A-Z index of over 13,900 difficult words to increase your vocabulary or just find out what those words really mean

Sept. 11th

Sept 12th As U.S. cities spread out, their sprawl gobbles up rural lands and natural habitats at an alarming rate. The authors of this site use U.S. Census data on urbanized areas to explain what sprawl is, where it is, and the damage it's causing. Just how bad is sprawl? Is it a sign of economic vitality or ecological threat? Which is worse for sprawl: poor land use or population growth? These issues and the concerns of environmental and urban planners are addressed with analysis, charts, and graphs.http://www.sprawlcity.org/

Sept 15th Rambler will be live in concert at the Choctaw County Fair tomorrow night! Take a look at their website! www.rambler-band.com

Sept. 16th Blogcritics
As much as we may try to keep up with pop culture, the sheer number of books, music, and detritus released make it almost impossible to stay on top. That's where sites like this one come in handy. Described as a "sinister cabal of the web's best writers on music, books and popular culture miscellanea," the site tackles hot topics.

Sept 17th CityPass! CityPass is a simple way to vacation in America's most popular city destinations. Available in New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Chicago, Seattle, Hollywood and San Francisco, CityPass is a ticket booklet containing an actual admission ticket to the top attractions in each city. With CityPass, you pay one substantially reduced price and avoid main entrance ticket lines at most attractions. Adult, senior and youth ticket booklets are available. CityPass may be purchased in advance of travel on line at www.citypass.com or from any U.S. travel agent, or at any participating attraction.


Sept. 18th From the K95.5 News Room


Sept 19th The Harvard Classics and Harvard Classics Shelf of Fiction
The most comprehensive and well-researched anthology of all time comprises both the 50-volume '5-foot shelf of books' and the the 20-volume Shelf of Fiction. Together they cover every major literary figure, philosopher, religion, folklore and historical subject through the twentieth century.

Sept. 23rd NASA: Liftoff to Space Exploration
This NASA site presents a vast array of resources and information on space and space exploration with topics ranging from scientific fundamentals to keeping track of satellites and spacecraft.

Sept 24th Treasures of Ancient Egypt
This exhibition by the National Gallery of Art focuses on the understanding of the afterlife among Egyptians some 3,000 years ago, in the period of the New Kingdom (1550-1069 BC) through the Late Period (664-332 BC). The New Kingdom marked the beginning of an era of great wealth, power, and stability for Egypt, and was accompanied by a burst of cultural activity, much of which was devoted to the quest for eternal life..http://www.nga.gov/exhibitions/2002/egypt/index.htm

Sept 25th TV ACRES: The Web's Ultimate Guide to Television Program Facts: An easy-to-use,on-line subject guide that quickly finds information about the Characters, Places, and Things that appeared on television programs broadcast in the USA from the 1940s to the present - during Prime Time & Saturday mornings http://www.tvacres.com/homepage_tv_acres.htm

Sept 26th Take a look from Space.Space Imagining This is a really cool site that give you over head photos from space. World Views satellite imagery provides a wide-area, comprehensive view of the entire continental U.S. Customers can even buy this stunning 180-meter color imagery by the region or state, making the product more convenient than ever. The product is packaged with separate files containing graphical overlays showing state boundaries and state capitals. Take a look a the gallery of pictures .

Sept 27th Welcome to Molested Cars!
This site is dedicated to exposing one of the auto-world's most perpetrated crimes: the molested automobile! Yes, you've seen them. They're everywhere! Just when you think you've seen it all, another most unsightly car appears before your eyes. So what is a molested car? Basically it has been modified in ways that do not enhance the vehicle in any way. A car can be involved in a wreck and be instantly molested. Or the owner of said vehicle can degrade the appear- ance intentionally. We call this "All show and no go."

Sept 30th Classic Reader
At this site you can read, search, and annotate great works of literature by authors such as Dickens, Tolstoy, Shakespeare, and many others. The collection currently contains 651 books and 906 short stories by 196 authors. New works are added to the collection on a regular basis, many at the suggestion of readers. http://www.classicreader.com/

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