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K95.5 Internet Minute!
Great links as featured on the K95.5 Internet Minute 8:10 am. The Internet Minute is sponsored by

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9-22-2000 Tempus Fugit: Time Flies Take a few moments to explore this beautiful exhibit from the Nelson-Atkins Musuem of Art in Kansas City, Missouri, and you'll be rewarded with a in-depth view of the interconnectedness of time and art. Browse the illustrated 20th-century timeline, featuring the work of noted artists such as Pierre Dumont, Edward Hopper, and Mark Rothko, or just travel the seven continents investigating different cultural views of time. Either way, the art is both beautiful and beautifully presented, and the curators' notes are detailed and thought-provoking. Make sure you catch this collection before time runs out.

9-21-2000 In Passing In Passing is an homage to the art of eavesdropping -- a collection of moments, captured, not in photos or sketches, but in snippets of overheard conversation, "two second window(s) into someone else's life." Organized topically into sections with titles like Ironic, Bizarre, Tragic, and Graffiti, these verbal vignettes are raw material for storytellers and stand-up comics. Based in and around the UC campus at Berkeley, California, there's plenty of eccentric Bezerkley local color. Don't miss the visitor comments and contributions, or leave a note to mark your own passing by.

9-20-2000 A NETO update The new Cooper POP seems to be working well. I would suggest anyone in the Sulphur Springs area should start dialing it as their primary connection.We will give an appropriate amount of time for everyone to get moved over to the new number before disconnecting the old numbers. If you need assistance in changing the number, please email support@neto.com or call our office for help.

9-19-2000 If you are a Baseball fan, then go to www.seasonticket.com. Can't wait for the playoffs and World series? Is your favorite team in a Pennant race? Think of seasonticket.com as your own sports television network. You are in total control. You tell them your favorite team or teams and they will put together a personalized sportscast for you each day. Seasontickets.com automatically delivers only the video highlights you want. It is available 24 hours a day. Registration is quick and it's free. That's seasontickets.com

9-18-2000 Win Mark Chesnutt tickets at www.k955.com

9-15-2000 DataArmour is a personal backup tool that lets you back up files locally over the Internet or an intranet. You can archive files using ZIP compression, back up to an FTP site, and schedule the program's execution and thread priority. Inclusion and exclusion rules allow you to hone your backup sets with high precision. You can even have DataArmour monitor specific folders for changed content.

9-14-2000 Build your own Screen saver! Active ScreenSaver Builder v2.0 Ever wanted to create your own screen savers? We're talking about real .scr files that you can send to your family and friends or even post on the Internet. Active ScreenSaver Builder makes it possible to make your own self-running and installing savers using your favorite images in .bmp, .jpg, .ico, or .cur formats, along with sounds in .wav format and customizable text.

9-13-2000 PC Magazine's IconEdit32 v1.0 Edit the Icons on your computer!! Every Windows program has its own icon, as do system elements like Recycle Bin and My Computer. Registered document types have their own distinctive icons so you can recognize them easily. Items on the Windows desktop have large icons and the Explorer tree view uses small icons. If you don't like the icon for the shortcut to a program or document, it's easy to change it. Just right-click on it, choose Properties, and click the Change Icon button. Download Now

9-12-2000 PC Magazine's IconJack32 v1.0 This is a new program that allows you collect all the icons on your computer. Then you can select from the best icons for new programs. Download here

9-11-2000 Find out weather information at www.k955.com

9-8-2000 Think you have a virus? Now find out what is does. Also find out how to get rid of it! at Antivirus.com

9-7-2000 Need Help with your Homework try homeworkspot.com for ages K-12.

9-6-2000 www.grc.com ever wanted to know what other could see on your computer. Visit this site and find out what your unique ID number is.

9-5-2000 Cybercrime.com great site featuring the latest news in cyber crime. Plus they have a online virus scanner!

8-28-2000 - 9-4-2000a special interview with Leo LaPorte the host of Call For Help and Co-host of the Screen Savers sho on ZDTV (now Tech TV) To hear the interview you must have Real Audio. Click here for the Call for Help webpage and the Screen Savers Page Leo even has his own webpage call Leoville.

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