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K95.5 Internet Minute Archives October 1999!

10-29-99 The top five most visited health-related Internet Web sites in September, based on unique visitors, were: drkoop.com: 2.6 million America Online Health Channel: 2.5 million Healthshop.com: 1.3 million Onhealth.com: 1.3 million Drugstore.com: 1.2 million Source: Media Metrix Inc.

10-28-99 Dr. Dave Oester and Rev. Sharon Gill run the International Ghost Hunterís Society. They have over 5,000 case histories of hauntings, ghost sightings and poltergeist activities. Dave says the IGHS was the first to declare and prove that cemeteries are haunted. He says they use scientific tools to measure paranormal events. Their www.GhostWeb.com Web site has the largest collection of ghost photos in the world and is home to over 11,000 ghost hunting members. Dave has appeared on ABC News Nightline, ABC World News, Arts & Entertainment, The Unexplained, Mysteries, Magic, and Miracles,Sightings, Strange Universe and The Learning Channel, NBC, CNN News and Fox.

10-27-1999 Q: I keep hearing that some Web sites leave ``cookies'' on the hard drive of a personal computer. What are they, and should I allow my PC to accept them? A: A ``cookie'' is a small file that a Web site deposits on your hard disk, often with a unique number that identifies you. The next time you go back to that site, the computer will know it's you. Cookies can make browsing more convenient by allowing sites to ``remember'' how you like to view pages, what sorts of things you like to look at, and so on. If it's a site that requires a user name and password, accepting a cookie can allow the site to remember who you are so you don't have to log in every time you visit. Despite the conveniences they offer, cookies have raised concerns among advocates for electronic privacy who say they can be used to track personal information and preferences about Web surfers, such as which other sites they visit. ``People feel that on the Internet they're fairly anonymous, but cookies are one of the ways that are whittling down that anonymity,'' says Ethan Preston, a legal researcher for the Electronic Privacy Information Center in Washington, D.C. To see what kind of cookies your browser has accepted, do a search for files containing the word ``cookie.'' You should find a set of files from different Web pages with some numbers in them.

10-26-99 Looking for the words to your favorite song? Find the lyrics and the music right here!Cowpie.com!

10-25-99 Internet Co. AltaVista Revamps Site, one of the oldest Internet search companies, is undergoing a radical makeover as it seeks to overtake competitors such as Yahoo! and America Online as a peak Web destination. The Palo Alto company is kicking off a $120 million marketing campaign on Monday its first ever to alert Web surfers to its newly designed Internet site, complete with slick and colorful graphics, an advanced comparison shopping service and self-updating news and sports information with easier-to-use features. The Web site is: www.altavista.com

10-22-99 GM Has Used Car Internet Dealership General Motors Corp. finally has gotten rolling on a first-of-its-kind, Internet-based used car dealership here that could be a prototype for stores nationwide. Pikus said GM chose Houston, Texas because it is Texas' largest city, in addition to being the nation's fourth-largest used-car market, research showed it also was among the most Internet-savvy. Pikus describes DriverSite as a ``clicks-and-mortar'' mix of a virtual showroom with a physical point of sale. Only the suburban north Houston location is open now, but Pikus said the concept could expand next year if the prototype succeeds. A prospective customer can scan a retailer's inventory on its Web site, which has pictures, descriptions and no-haggle prices of available cars. The surfer, for a refundable $100 deposit, can set up a test drive at the location and buy it on the spot. The Web site is: www.gmdriversite.com

10-21-99 An entire CDís worth of songs that Shania Twain recorded early on in her career is being offered for free digital download at MusicMaker.com at www.musicmaker.com.

10-19-99 Are you ready for Y2k? Some say its the end of the world, some say its all about nothing. Just remember it is about the date(2000). Some computers will think it is 1900 and not 2000. This will cause a problem with some software, because of the wrong date. If you think you will have a problem contact the computer manufacturer or the software vendor to find updates to prevent trouble.

10-18-99 last year, more than $61 million in unclaimed property, the majority of it from bank accounts and payroll checks, was turned over to Comptroller Carole Keeton Rylander's office because the owners couldn't be found. The comptroller's office has more than $711 million in unclaimed property, including $111 million from forgotten bank accounts, $131.6 million in uncashed checks and $123 million in uncashed payroll checks. Texans can call the comptroller's office at 1-800-654-3463 or check the Internet at Claim Your Cash

10-15-99 She's been on national TV, she's had marriage proposals (about 2 a week), she's live on the internet with her webcam. Beckie is 19 years old and lives in Canada. Find out more about Beckie atBeckie.com or go directly to the BeckieCAM

10-14-99 An archive of cool tricks and trinkets. A neat little site to find tricks and gags, also sign up for a newsletter. Tricks and Trinkets

10-13-99 The Web site petopia.com has launched their on-line Halloween store offering costumes for pets. Among the more popular pet costumes are an "Elvis Hound Dog" outfit that comes complete with a guitar or an "Angel" outfit for your cat that comes complete with a halo and wings. petopia.com

10-12-99 INTERNET NEWS** Airshow Inc., a provider of flight information systems, unveiled plans Monday to offer in-flight e-mail services for corporate jet travelers. The service would allow customers to send and receive e-mail to an ``AirshowMail'' account that can be accessed either through a laptop computer or a special ``cabin management system'' provided by Airshow. The company made the announcement at the National Business Aviation Association convention in Atlanta. AirshowMail will be transmitted by radio telephone to planes within the continental United States and by satellite communications to aircraft traveling internationally.

10-11-99 Ladies, if you're wondering how you would look with a makeover, this site will reveal a new you. Simply take a picture of yourself, digitize it and upload your photo to your own account at eMakeover.com. Then head over to Makeover Central and try on a new hair style, contact lenses, sun glasses or lip color.eMakeover.com VIRTUAL MAKEOVER - eMakeover.com

10-8-99 Self-Destructing E-mail Developed In the future, e-mail may bear the following warning: This message will self-destruct in five seconds.Disappearing Inc., has developed a way to put time-bombs in e-mail messages, ensuring that they are readable only as long as the sender wants them to be. That means gooey love messages sent on company time, defamatory gossip or top-secret documents won't be able to be easily traced, as they are now. ``Encrypted e-mail is as good as disappeared,'' said Kevin Werback, managing editor of high-tech newsletter Release 1.0. ``The National Security Agency might be able to crack it with a supercomputer, but you couldn't read it, and that's good enough.'' A lot of people presume e-mail is secure. But in terms of privacy, e-mail is ``a lot more like a post card than it ever has been like a letter,'' said Kerry C. Stackpole, the president and CEO of the Electronic Messaging Association, a trade group. The new system, which should be available early next year, encrypts each message with an electronic key, also held by the receiver. The sender can decide how long the key will work anywhere from a few seconds to years. After that, the key self-destructs and the message becomes unreadable. The system, however, only works if both the sender and the recipient want the message to disappear.

10-7-99 Ozone hole or no Ozone hole decide for yourself. See Greenland on the Artic Cam. Artic Cam

10-6-99 New CBS Web Site Giving Away Money

Pay people lots of money to visit? In a radical online come-on likely to spur copycats, the TV network unveiled a sweepstakes on Tuesday that rewards visitors to the new Web portal by giving away a total of $25 million in cash prizes in its first year. That means a chance to win $10,000 a day, $1 million a month and $10 million on tax day, April 17, 2000. Web portal, called iWon.com. Click to Win

10-5-99 About 24,000 people die every day from hunger or hunger-related causes. The Hunger Site offers a chance to change this situation. Every visit to this site donates 1 3/4 cups of rice, wheat, maize or other staple foods to a hungry person. The donations are paid for by corporate sponsors and given to the World Food Program, a United Nations agency, who buy and deliver the food where it is most urgently needed. HUMANITARIAN AID - The Hunger Site

10-4-99This site offers a sobering look at the budget priorities of the US Government. Upon entering the site, a dollar counter begins tabulating the amount of money the Pentagon has spent since you've arrived. ($1,000,000 each minute) The weapons manufacturers keep getting rich at the expense of our children, senior citizens and our future. The message empowers citizens everywhere to know that they can make a difference. A fascinating site! SPENDING PRIORITIES - Move Our Money http://www.moveourmoney.comMove our Money

10-1-99 Send a letter using the internet. No, a real paper and ink letter. You pay the postage with your credit card. try it out atLetter Post

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