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10-01-08 http://www.tingz.net/ is changing the way people experience the
Internet by giving them tools and services to gather content from across the
web and distribute it directly to their digital devices and social networks.

10-02-08www.mindi.com Inc has build the world`s first thought engine to
expand our individual thinking and build our collective mind on the web.

10-07-08  http://me-trics.com/ Me-trics seeks to aggregate that personal data,
allowing users to monitor and learn from their own behavior.

10-08-08 www.icharts.net is the portal where everyone can search and share
charts. Integrated into the portal is iCharts Studio which allows anyone to
create high quality, interactive charts (iCharts) within minutes for private
use or for publishing.

10-09-08 http://www.mytopia.com Mytopia is "Helping the World Play Together" by
enabling cross-platform development across the Web and mobile landscapes.

10-09-08  http://sekaicamera.com/ Tonchidot is a leading developer of mobile
applications. Based in Tokyo, believes in using ideas in clever, amusing and
imaginative ways

10-13-08  http://www.getdropbox.com/ Dropbox is the easiest way to store and
share files in the cloud, combining online sync, sharing and backup into a
single interface that's seamlessly integrated into your operating system.
It's the only truly cross-platform cloud storage solution, with support for
Windows, Mac OS X and now Linux.

10-14-08 http://www.videosurf.com/ VideoSurf is a computer vision search engine
that has created a new way for users to easily find, discover and watch the
videos from across the Web.

10-15-08  http://www.goplanit.com/ Travel planning can be very frustrating
and time-consuming. One can spend weeks or even months researching details,
organizing travel plans, and communicating with others. GoPlanit helps
simplify this process - saving you time, money, and aggravation!

10-16-08 http://www.causecast.org/ Causecast is a powerful online social
medium that connects nonprofits, leaders, celebrities and brands to those
who want to want to make a positive impact on the world.

10-17-08 http://www.srinteractive.com creates next generation Massively
Multiplayer Online ("MMO") games.

10-21-08 http://www.closetcouture.com/   Closet Couture is a fashion social
network that connects stylists and retailers to fashion-interested women by
providing a platform for services and transactions.

10-22-08  http://www.akoha.org Akoha is a new reality-based game that uses
mobile, web and real-world missions to create a new form of game play.

10-23-08  http://www.atmosphir.com/ Build your own game online, as easy as
drag and drop

10-28-08 http://ultimatefootballnetwork.com/main.html You know the problem,
if you play fantasy football or are a diehard NFL fan, there's no easy way
to find all the information you need and want about your favorite teams and

10-29-08 www.myFavz.com is a social shopping service(a blend of e-commerce
and social networking services) in a fun and innovative format, with patent
pending features. Among other exciting features, users will be able to
explore and share cool new product ideas, get personalized shopping
suggestions and create and communicate instant wish lists.

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