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OCT 1 woot!
It’s an online shop, but it only sells one product each day: Woot may be the oddest site we bookmark this week. The item – always electronic or gadgety in nature – changes every 24 hours and often is associated with some sort of discount.

Oct 4th Earthquakes: U.S. Geological Service
As most of you know, the Pacific Northwest’s Mount St. Helens is currently suffering a serious case of urp.

Oct 5th Mount St. Helens National Volcanic MonumentOfficial home page of Mount St. Helens National Volcanic Monument.

Oct 6th NATIONAL SHRIMP FESTIVAL: Gulf Shores, AL. To Oct 10.

Oct 7th The National Air and Space Museum opens an exhibit of over 4250 aerospace themed art objects including paintings, drawings, sculptures and jewelry.

Oct 8th INTERNATIONAL BLUEGRASS MUSIC AWARDS: Louisville, KY. These awards are presented by the International Bluegrass Music Assn.

Oct 11th SCARECROW FESTIVAL: St. Charles, IL. Over 100 scarecrows are on display during this festival.

Oct 12th OKTOBERFEST: Kitchener Waterloo, Canada. Over 700,000 attend the second largest Oktoberfest in the world.

Oct 13th Net Family News
Parents, don’t miss this one. Net Family News is, just as they say, the journal of record on all aspects of kids and digital media. This terrific site looks to keep the parents of tech-savvy kids up to speed on everything from IM culture to piracy to privacy

Oct 14th Countryinsider.com

Oct 15th Families On-Line Magazine
Updated monthly, this site has a potpourri of information and advice for families, covering everything from fun vacation choices to health and nutrition issues.

Oct 18th Plan For Your Health
Many of us are staring down the annual trial of choosing which healthcare benefits we'd like our employers to provide for 2005.

Oct 19th The Soldier Song
The world needs more Sally Mudds. The Tennessee songwriter composed The Soldier Song, which some of you may remember hearing as a single by Crystal Gayle in 2003. On this site, however, you can not only hear Mudd's performance of her own song but read some of the wonderful testimonials from soldiers

Oct 20th Student Web Awards
Hurry; there’s not a moment to lose! The nation’s only Web-design competition exclusively for high-school students has been taking nominations for an entire week, and you’ve only got until the end of October to submit your entries.

Oct 21st Google, the king of Internet search, is now trying to conquer the desktop. The Mountain View company unveiled the free technology Thursday that allows users to simultaneously scan the Web and their computer hard drives for documents, e-mail, instant messages and the sites they've visited in the past.

Oct 22nd The world's No. 1 chipmaker Intel says that it will not make the 4-gigahertz version of its Pentium 4 PC processor. Intel will release another chip that has fewer gigahertz. The chips that will replace Intel's 4 GHz processor has received a performance boost from more short-term memory storage. That keeps more data handy, so the chip spends less time retrieving it. READ MORE

OCT 25th Electric companies may soon join the fray of providing Internet services after regulators cleared the way for utility companies to offer broadband services through electrical outlets, according to a report published Friday. READ MORE

Oct 26th Again yesterday Microsoft (Nasdaq: MSFT) warned about newly found security flaws in Windows that could allow an attacker to steal data on your PC. Should we panic? No, because this has been going on for years. Every other day the software giant issues yet another "critical update." What does come as a surprise, though, is that one of the updates is for Windows XP Service Pack 2 for Microsoft's flagship operating system, which was supposedly aimed at making personal computers more secure and reliable. Yeah, right. READ MORE

Oct 27th While in Green Bay we passed by this billboard. It was put up by Football Fans For Truth. http://www.footballfansfortruth.us/playbook.php

Oct 28th The Cassini spacecraft is scheduled to fly by Titan, one of Saturn's moons.

Oct 29th This conference sponsored by Adweek, Mediaweek, Billboard and the Hollywood Reporter attempts to examine how music, movies and the media can market to teens. WHAT TEENS WANT

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