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Sept 30 BallparkReviews.com
A lot of people dream of paying visits all of the major-league baseball parks, but Brian Merzbach is doing something downright extraordinary: He's documenting not only those shrines to baseball but minor-league, amateur and even disappeared parks around the U.S. and Canada. Enjoy his photographic tours as the summer slips into memory

Oct 1st Dressed to the Nines
As the regular season comes to an end (along with a dynasty in Seattle and a nightmare in Detroit), we turn our thoughts to baseball eras past as we peruse this Baseball Hall of Fame exhibit of yesterday's uniforms. New fans can learn the lingo, while seasoned spectators will enjoy browsing the timeline. We wish, though, that the site took time to explain what the guy who designed the 1980 Houston Astros jersey was thinking. It's possible even he doesn't know.

Oct 2nd Godric's Hollow
Who knew there was so much Harry Potter news winging its way around the world (carried to some places, we like to think, by owls) on a daily basis? This fine site blogs the worldwide doings of fans of the boy wizard, making note of everything from Quidditch contests to seminars on the morality inherent in the world of wizards and muggles. The site's also got a wealth of fan art, movie gossip, kids' activities, and even a nifty gallery of Potter book covers from around the world.

Oct 3rd Deerfestival.com
Coming up at 9a the Deer Festival in Antlers will get under way. Take a look at Deer festival dot com to see the activities, like the archery contest, live concerts with Spur 503, Chainsaw Artists, and Chili Cookoff... And that is just the begining. check it out www.deerfestival.com

Oct 6th Word Pirates
Here's a good idea having kind of a bad day: Dan Gillmor and Dave Weinberger, two smart observers of the Net and the politics surrounding it, gave some thought to the music industry's use of the word "pirates" and found it lacking in a certain amount of high-seas travel, pillage, plunder, gold doubloons and the like. In other words, they feel the word "pirate" is being misused — pirated if you will — by a special-interest group.

Oct 7th David Blaine: Above the Below
We're still trying to understand why anyone — a well-known magician, for instance — would willingly suspend himself in a glass box over the Thames for 44 days without food and in total isolation. David Blaine is doing it right now, of course, and assuming he doesn't die in there he's chancing hypothermia, brain and internal-organ damage, and kidney failure. Will he survive until October 20?

Oct 8th The Great Chicago Fire and the Web of Memory
The 132nd anniversary of the Great Chicago Fire is coming up on October 8-10 — yes, it took three days for that conflagration (not started, whatever you may have heard, by Mrs. O'Leary's cow) to demolish much of what was then America's fourth-largest city.

Oct 9th The BraBall
If you think it's hard work collecting and assembling 18,000 brassieres from around the world into a giant, stretchy ball of artistic intent, wait 'til you have to drag the lawyers into it. That's what happened to artist Emily Duffy, who had a great idea in 2000 and made the mistake of blurbing it out to a fellow artist, who promptly attempted to claim it for his own. It all worked out fine, though, and you can see the results on Ms. Duffy's site. It's quite something.

Oct 10th Park of the Week
Most folk can probably name a few of our National Parks — Yellowstone, of course, and most likely one or two in their general vicinity — but this charming new National Park Service site is likely to introduce you to vistas you might not have realized we had. The design is simple, the pictures are lovely, and the realization that America's got such beauty in it may make you yearn for one more summer road trip.

Oct 13th Live Web Casts
Want to know when you can catch the White House's next Webcast? Hoping to sit in on a religious service from the comfort of home? Wanting a local newscast from a town not currently local to you? Itching for something more stimulating than whatever's on the television right this minute? This useful site lists dozens of online broadcasts of all descriptions.

Oct. 14 Workplace Violence
Workplace violence has emerged as an important safety and health issue in today's workplace. Its most extreme form, homicide, is the third-leading cause of fatal occupational injury in the United States. This U.S. Department of Labor site provides a collection of links to brochures and reports about workplace violence, covering facts and statistics, prevention, OSHA compliance, training, and other topics.

Oct 15th Cheap Chic Weddings
It's alarming how many couples start their wedded lives together in serious debt. Spending wisely on your nuptials doesn't mean cheaping out, as this simple, clear-headed site proves. They've got tips here on saving money on everything from the flowers to the honeymoon; you certainly don't have to take all their suggestions, but setting your priorities is great practice for life after the ceremony

Oct 16th 100 Greatest Comics of the 20th Century
Mitchell Brown here offers his list of the previous century's most influential comic books. Like many fervent fans of pop culture, Brown's the kind of guy who pours a lot of love into his lists; like most listmakers, he offers his selection as a way of encouraging you to agree, agitate, argue or otherwise amend his best-of roster. (And an argument we're happy to start: We're impressed with the breadth of comics history represented here, but Sandman's not in the Top Ten? Fighting words!)

Oct 17th Mail2Web
Away from your e-mail? Miss it? If your ISP doesn't provide a means of remotely checking your inbox, we suggest a visit to Mail2Web, a handy site that'll let you quickly send, read, answer and delete messages to and from your own address. It's an incredible convenience and they make it available free.

Oct 20th Mugshots.com
If you're about to get a mugshot snapped, it's not as if the arresting officer is going to wait for you to reapply mascara and change into a cleaner shirt. And yet a few moments browsing this site is enough to convince you crime isn't a pretty business; most of the people featured here, famous and obscure alike, look like they're on the fourth day of a three-day bender. Unless you're Jane Fonda. If you're Jane Fonda you're ridiculously beautiful getting arrested. But not if you're Yasmin Bleeth. We think there's a lesson in that, but darned if we know what.

Oct 21st Medical Encyclopedia
The Adam Health Illustrated Encyclopedia includes over 4,000 articles about diseases, tests, symptoms, injuries, and surgeries. It also contains an extensive library of medical photographs and illustrations.

Oct 22nd Blaine — Out of the Box
After 44 days in a Plexiglas box suspended over London, Illusionist David Blaine has rejoined the outside world. Blaine emerged from his self-imposed prison emotionally charged and nutritionally spent, calling the six-week experiment one of the "most important" of his life. He was rushed to the hospital where he is being nursed back to health and monitored for long-term effects of a lengthy fast. Channel4.com monitored the project, dubbed Above the Below, with news reports and photos throughout.

Oct 23rd Will Machines Become Conscious?
Question: If there existed a computer that could not only calculate numbers and process words, but feel empathy, fear and other emotions, should its owner have the right to reformat it — in effect, killing something that might be able to understand and dread its own death? Answer: Society doesn't know yet, but we'd better start preparing for an era in which such problems come up all the time. Noted artificial intelligence pundit Ray Kurzweil offers a terrific introduction to these knotty issues on his site

Oct 24th Ty England.com Don't miss Ty England live in concert tonight at the Festival of Pumpkins downtown Paris, TX. Show starts at 7pm. Get there early and get ready for a great show! Best of all it is free.

Oct 27th Box Office Report
Violence and suspense ruled the box office this weekend, with the remake of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre raking in an estimated $29.1 million, followed by director Quentin Tarantino's Kill Bill ($12.5 million, 2nd weekend) and Runaway Jury ($12.1 million, opening weekend), the courtroom thriller starring John Cusak, Gene Hackman and Dustin Hoffman. Find out more about big business on the big screen and see what's likely to top the charts next month.

Oct 28th Where have I been?
Ever wonder where your money goes after you spend it? Wonder no more. Jot down those serial numbers, note the denomination, year of print and general condition and go to wherehaveibeen.com to follow that bill. The service also works with currency propagated by our neighbors to the north (sorry about the pop-ups, eh). The site not only keeps tabs on bills, it keeps up with its registered users as well, listing the top bill trackers.

Oct 29th Arms Sale Monitoring
Not yet nervous enough about world politics, terrorism or the arms race? Visit the Federation of American Scientist's Arms Sale Monitoring project. The FAS has compiled, for your convenience, lists of proposed arms sales and weapons manufacturers around the globe, profiles of potential recipients of those sales and just about everything you would ever want to know about which countries have purchased which weapons when and for how much.

Oct 30th Ebituaries
All good things must come to an end. All bad things, too. When the deceased happens to be an Internet-based business, and the death notice happens to be posted on the site's homepage, Ebituaries is there to cache the moment. In a sea of monuments to the dot-com bust, this site represents a bit of lighthearted and user-friendly flotsam. Pick through the most-viewed Ebituaries or scan the entire list of 118. Hurry, before their site (our this one) is next!

Oct 31st How Halloween Works
If you've ever wondered where all those peculiar Halloween practices come from, or you can't figure out why Halloween is such a hot topic with a lot of people, then this article will help get you ready for the next October 31. In this edition of HowStuffWorks, we'll look at both the Celtic and Christian origins of Halloween, examine all the favorite Halloween traditions and sort out a little bit of the Halloween controversy. Related sites: Halloween 2003: Facts For Figures, Halloween Safety.

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