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10-31-2000 Monster-Be Gone! Rosie has used it, and she says it works! Anything else?

10-30-2000 8-Track Heaven Your Guide to the World of 8-Track Tapes and the home of 8-Track Mind and alt.collecting.8-track-tapes Enter 8-track Heaven! We're digital online but analog at heart. Everything for the collector, the fanatic or the curiosity seeker: 8-tracks, 4-tracks, 2-tracks, players, quad, history, classified ads, new releases, dealers & resources, pictures & sounds, Hall of Fame, and more!

10-27-2000 Napoleon Tyrant. Hero. Revolutionary. Military genius. Brilliant politician. Short French guy with an incredible Napoleon complex. There's a lot you can say about Napoleon Bonaparte. On November 8, PBS Television will premiere a new show about the man whose presence on the battelfield, acording to the Duke of Wellington, was "equal to forty thousand men in the balance." Here is the the accompanying web site, complete with timelines, biographical sketches, classroom materials, local showtimes, and an interactive battlefield simulator. PBS does it again.

10-26-2000 Life: The Best Magazine Photos of the Year The Alfred Eisenstaedt Awards honor magazine photography in several categories, including fashion, news, travel, architecture, and cover of the year. All of this year's winners are jaw-droppers, but our favorite has to be Annie Leibowitz's interpretation of Da Vinci's "The Last Supper," featuring the cast of the Sopranos. Other standouts include Stuart Macfarlane's shot of Welsh rugby player Garin Jenkins getting gouged in the eye during a match against Argentina, and a Max Aguilera-Hellweg picture of a fetal surgery procedure. But, they're all great. See for yourself

10-25-2000 The Ig Nobel Prizes This year's Ig Nobel awards were presented at Harvard University, around the same time as those Swedish prizes were announced. The awards are given to individuals whose achievements "cannot or should not be reproduced." The literature award, for example, went to an Australian woman whose book "Living on Light" asserts that although most folks eat food, they don't really need to. The psychology award went to two academic researchers for their groundbreaking piece, "Unskilled and Unaware of It: How Difficulties in Recognizing One's Own Incompetence Lead to Inflated Self-Assessments."

10-24-2000 Seem like in today's world we have to have a critic for everything! For example here at K95.5 we have a Movie Critic, Music Critic, and I am even willing to bet that if you ask Bubba he'd be a food critcic. Ok, so what's the point? Check out Ad Critic. Find out what Ad Critic thinks about the latest TV Commercials.

10-23-2000 www.webwhiteblue.org The first online presidential debate in our history, the Rolling Cyber Debate features daily exchanges among the presidential campaigns and responses to questions submitted by Internet users. The exchanges have two parts: a Message of the Day from the campaign and a response to a Question of the Day submitted by an Internet user. Responses can take any form (video, audio, text, or links to a candidate's website), and are not limited in length. Each campaign is permitted a rebuttal to their opponent's message of the day and question of the day responses.

10-20-2000 New York millionaire Josh Harris and his girlfriend have wired their Manhattan apartment with 32 Web cams so the world can watch them at www.weliveinpublic.com. Josh says he is filming himself so others will know how New Yorkers lived at the turn of the century.

10-19-2000 A German company is helping women get pregnant by offering them a new service where they will be paged during the time of the month they are most fertile. Women register at www.zappybaby.de and then are contacted when their time is right. Women can also have messages sent to their lovers.(You may need to brush up on your German)

10-18-2000 Revenge of the Nerds: A new nerd Web site has hit the net at www.nerdworld.com. The site features nerd news, issues that affect nerds and a “Nerd of the Week” profile. There is also a Nerd shop and a “Date a Nerd” section. The site has 50,000 registered users.

10-17-2000 Throughout the month of October, opry.com is giving fans an opportunity to win an authentic autographed Grand Ole Opry mic stand with its Opry Member Spotlight Contest. Fans can increase their chances of winning by logging on to opry.com each day and correctly answering a trivia question about that day's featured Opry member.

10-16-2000 According to a new survey by the Web site www.popcorn.com, Titanic is the biggest tearjerker of all time. The Green Mile, Forest Gump, E.T. and Life is Beautiful also made the top ten.

10-13-2000 More... Add and Remove Toolbar Buttons If you want quick, one-click access to IE's search or cut/paste functions, just add shortcut buttons to IE's toolbar. Right-click the toolbar, then click Customize. A dialog box pops up showing all the buttons available. With a few clicks, you can add the buttons to your toolbar. Just select the button you want, hit Add, and click Reset. IE immediately puts the button in your toolbar.

Change Text Size Don't like the way certain sites display text on your browser? Are online fonts too small for you to read? IE 5 offers a simple remedy. First, set your browser to override Web page settings. Select Tools/Internet Options, click the General tab, then click Accessibility. In the resulting dialog box, check each of these top three check boxes: "Ignore colors specified on Web pages," "Ignore font styles specified on Web pages," and "Ignore font sizes specified on Web pages." Click OK to return to the Internet Options dialog box. Next, choose the View menu option and select Text Size (Largest, Larger, Medium, Smaller, or Smallest). These changes won't affect all text on every page, but they should work for most standard pages.

To Change Your Background and Font Colors And suppose you hate the background or font colors on some Web sites. Turns out you can change these too. Once again, set your browser to override Web pages' settings (see the previous tip). Then, on the General tab of the Internet Options dialog box, click Colors. Deselect the Use Windows Colors check box. Click the boxes beside your preferred Text and Background options and select the colors you want to use. (Keep in mind that choosing the same or similar colors for the background and text will make it impossible to see the text.) You can even change the colors of visited, unvisited, and rollover hyperlinks.

10-12-2000 Ok, you want to stick with Microsoft's Internet Explorer here is how to change your homepage. Set a New Home Page When you boot up any browser for the first time, its home page--the page your browser automatically loads when you hit the Home button--is already set to Microsoft's manufacturer's URL. To change your home page, find the page you want to view at start-up, pull down the Tools menu, and choose Internet Options. Click the General tab. In the Home Page area, select Use Current to use the page you're currently viewing, or type any site's URL into the text box. To start each session with a blank page, click the Use Blank button. Or, even simpler, drag and drop any URL from your address field onto the Home button in your toolbars. (Of course we suggest setting your homepage to www.k955.com)

10-11-2000 Based on this third preview release, Netscape 6 is shaping up to be a mighty impressive app, maybe even an IE killer. It appears to run faster than its predecessors, and comes with customizable skins and email improvements. Plus, from what we've seen, it's more stable than either previous preview release. Of course, we don't recommend that you download beta versions of software, but if you think your machine can handle it, feel free to download Netscape 6 PR3 here.



10-09-2000 For 10 years following the collapse of the Berlin Wall, TIME contract photographer Anthony Suau has traveled the lands of the former Soviet bloc. In the hundreds of powerful images and audio commentaries that follow, Suau documents in stark detail the people of that region as they shed their former skin and head into an unknown future. Beyond the Fall

10-6-2000 Everyone has a past… even Hollywood stars and performers. And nine times out of ten, the lives of these present day stars and icons are quite different than how we know them now. We at Fade To Black know this fact, we have accepted it, but we just don’t understand it. What exactly is it about Hollywood and fame that gets into people’s heads? What is it that penetrates into the minds of performers and makes them feel omnipotent? Make them believe they are all powerful and knowing and that everything they touch will turn to gold? Is it the mandatory narcissistic obsession that comes with being a star? Is it the constant exposure to drugs and alcohol? Is it the close proximity of greasy executive and slimy producers who are out to exploit anyone and everyone to make a buck? We are not sure, we’ll let you be the judge as to the drives and/or motivations behind the current list of nominees for the Fade To Black Rock & Roll Hall of Shame.

10-5-2000 Edsel.com and The Edsel Pages are designed to help new Edsel owners find parts and advice, current Edsel owners to show their cars, and future Edsel owners to find out just what they're getting into. It's all about keeping as many Edsel automobiles on the road as possible. No other agenda, no politics. It's all about the car.

10-4-2000 If you like to dye your hair unnatural colors, or want to learn how, you've come to the right place! I hope you will find this to be an informative site for punky hair dye related topics, as well as a way to communicate with others trapped in the world of strange hair dye!! dyemyhair.com

10-3-2000 Would you like to hear your favorite internet audio anywhere in your house Then go to www.ikoo.com.

10-2-2000 Toughmen the Candy!

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