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11-4-08 http://www.snipd.com/ Grab pieces of content from any page, save
them online, and share without having to copy/paste using a simple bookmark.

11-4-08 http://www.gallup.com

11-4-08  www.moonjee.com Moonjee is a fun and entertainment oriented website.
As you will see from our tagline, "Make a face", you can upload your own
face photos

11-11-08 Veterans Day - November 11 - Public and Intergovernmental Affairs
Department of Veterans Affairs web site lists Veterans Day celebrations
throughout country, relates history of Veterans Day.

11-12-08 www.ubuket.com ubuket automatically pulls user's multimedia
collections from online accounts, and provides web, desktop and mobile
access. Users can also upload videos, pictures or songs. The key aspect of
ubuket is that it allows users so share media using a very simple
drag-and-drop model based on feeds.

11-18-08 http://www.spam.com/ Spam sales are up, thanks to the economy. Many
see Spam as a way to save money while still putting something that resembles
meat on the table.

11-19-08 Cheer up your friends 'n beloved through our cheer up ecards and
cheer up greeting cards and brighten up their day. www.cheerupecards.com/

11-20-08 Keepcash.com The only site you need for black friday.

11-24-08 http://www.dealcatcher.com/ Free Online Coupons Dell, Amazon, Best Buy, Overstock.

11-25-08 DEAL OF THE DAY Hanns G 21.6" Widescreen LCD Monitor for $139.99

11-26-08 DEAL OF THE DAY TomTom ONE - Portable GPS - Preloaded MAP of
US/Canada on SD Card - Refurbished
FREE DELIVERY  www.buy.com

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