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11-06-07 Jackie Bibby - The Texas Snake ManJackie Bibby - AKA "The Texas Snake Man!" Jackie Bibby is truly a fascinating man with many stories to tell. As a seasoned veteran snake handler of more animals www.texsnakeman.com

11-08-07 The Life of Riley This is Olive Riley here." People laughed and clapped, and it did seem worthwhile after all. So, here's the long version of your clip. 2 mins 30. ... www.allaboutolive.com.au/

11-8-07 HMR - Official Site - No wonder we feel full after Thanksgiving dinner. A report by Health Management Resources, a national weight loss company, estimates the typical Thanksgiving meal contains a staggering 7,100 calories. Diet, Weight-Loss and Weight-Management LeaderHealth Management Resources, HMR, helps dieters lose weight and gain health through weight loss programs at prestigious medical centers and clinics as well www.hmrprogram.com

11-09-07 2007 World SCRABBLER ChampionshipWeb site for the 2007 World SCRABBLE(R) Championship.

11-12-07 Veterans Day - November 11 - Public and Intergovernmental AffairsDepartment of Veterans Affairs web site lists Veterans Day celebrations throughout country, relates history of Veterans Day, and provides downloadable ... www.va.gov/vetsday

11-13-07 INTERNET SPECIAL -The average cost of a Thanksgiving dinner is up 42 cents this year over last. A pre-Thanksgiving survey, by the Missouri Farm Bureau, of 16 basic items, including turkey, sweet potatoes and cranberry sauce, was $38.44, or $3.84 per serving, based on food for 10 people. The Air Transport Association says air travel around the Thanksgiving holiday will be up 4% from a year ago.

11-14-07 The 50 Greatest TV Icons | TV Icons | Entertainment WeeklyA Vampire Slayer, a collie, one of Charlie's Angels, a frog, and the captain of the ''Enterprise'' made the EW/TV Land list -- but none of them are No. 1. www.ew.com/

11-15-07 http://www.maybach-manufaktur.com/index.php Thieves in Russia stole a Maybach (my-bok) luxury limousine while its owner was eating at a Moscow restaurant. The car is worth $777,000.

11-16-07 www.deerfestival.com Welcome to the Antlers Deer Festival! Your Deer Capital of the World!

11-19-07 You can vote at WhiteHouse.gov to name the National Thanksgiving Turkey and its alternate. The choices this year are Wing & Prayer; May & Flower; Gobbler & Rafter; Wish & Bone; Truman & Sixty; and Jake & Tom.

11-20-07 http://spoofriday.com/Adscans All of the sales items for Black Friday coming this week! Happy shopping!

11-21-07 http://www.keepcash.com/ dedicated to keeping cash in your pocket by showing you the best deals and money saving coupon codes on the web. With our shopping tools, you have easy access to free online coupons directly on
your cell phone or as an extension on your web browser.

11-22-07 http://www.fsis.usda.gov/Fact_Sheets/Lets_Talk_Turkey/index.asp Talking Turkey! How to buy and prepare your turkey to perfection!

11-27-07 http://www.YouBetchaSports.com    This is a website for those of us who like to make football games interesting.  You can bet on college and pro games with "Play Money".  They have the latest odds from Vegas.  They also have Basketball, Baseball, Boxing and Motorsports.  When you sign up they give you $10,000 in play money. When you go broke they reload you with another 10K.  It costs nothing and you don't have to give out any personal information.  They have contests and award prizes to the top winners every two weeks.  The company who created this website is based in Oklahoma City and there are several of people from this area who are presently playing. It's allot of fun and makes the games a little more interesting. Submitted by Stan Self

11-28-07 http://www.gatorade.com/history Robert Cade, the lead inventor of Gatorade, died Tuesday at age 80. He and his team at the University of Florida invented the sports drink in 1965 for the Gator football team.

11-29-07 http://www.dallascowboys.com/ The official site of the Dallas Cowboys!

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