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5-01-07 http://www.countrystandardtime.com/news.asp great place to find Country Music news

5-8-07 http://www.intellicast.com/ great alternative for weather maps

5-9-07 What to do with those old cassettes http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/magazine/6634727.stm another cool site www.freecycle.org

5-10-07 http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,1895,2127826,00.asp techno gifts for Mom

5-14-07 USPS - The United States Postal Service (U.S. Postal Service)Get shipping rates, buy stamps, print postage, track a package, look up a ZIP Code - Find the mailing products and services you need at USPS.com.

5-16-07 Donny OsmondFeaturing many colorful photographs, real audio samples and news updates. Also available Donny's beliefs page and items for sale.

5-17-07 DialIdol.com - Measuring the busy signal. DialIdol.com - DialIdol speed dials your favorite contestants to the next round. DialIdol also measures the busy signal to predict who will be voted off!

5-18-07 http://www.carsonbarnescircus.com/eaf/endangeredARKfoundation_index.html After more than 60 years of caring for, working and living with their elephants and other animals, the late circus legend D.R. Miller and his
family established the Endangered Ark Foundation as a result of their intimate awareness of the bonds and partnerships formed between animals and humans and the need for human involvement and action to save our endangered animal friends.  From its beginnings in 1993, the Endangered Ark Foundation has sought to preserve not only the extremely endangered Asian elephant, but also endangered and threatened animals of all types.

5-21-07 http://www.tipping.org/ In honor of today is National Waitstaff Day.

5-22-07 http://www.tmz.com/   Celebrity Gossip, news, and more  ***BONUS
weather radar page

5-23-07 www.downloadsquad.com Download Squad keeps you up to date on the latest happenings in the world of software and Web applications. The site is informative, witty, and graphical, and the bloggers

5-24-07 www.gmailtips.com This exhaustive Gmail tips site has all sorts of hints and tricks to help you get the most out of the free mail service.

5-25-07 StopBadware.org www.stopbadware.org StopBadWare is like an online neighborhood watch. The site keeps an eye out for malicious Web sites and catalogs sites and applications that have been reported. It has joined with
Google to warn users about blacklisted sites before it's too late.

5-29-07 www.tweakguides.com If your system needs a tune-up, TweakGuides.com is the place to go. The site has guides to optimizing individual games, browsers, and drivers, as well as a TweakingCompanion for getting the best
performance out of Windows XP.

5-30-07 The National Spelling Bee begins today in Washington, D.C.: www.spellingbee.com

5-31-07 www.prosper.com   Whether you're looking for money to pay off high-interest credit cards or you have some spare change that you'd like to collect interest on, the P2P lending model of Prosper is an intriguing one. Act as banker or borrower, depending on your needs, and the site lets you join up with other lenders to diversify your loans and diversify your risk.

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