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5-31-2000 Dianna Littlepage will be live in concert this weekend at Country Joe's! Be sure to check out her website. www.diannalittlepage.com

5-30-2000 Recently there has been a lot of talk about cell phone causing brain cancer. So pick up your cell phone, dial these toll free numbers and buy some headgear to protect your memory muscle. · cellularmarket.com 800-950-3597 · ephones.com 800-969-4735 · simplywireless.com 888-449-8484 · letstalk.com 877-825-5460

5-29-2000 Just wanted to let you know that NETO will be closed today and will be open Tuesday morning! Also be sure to enter this weeks question. Yes YOU CAN WIN!

5-26-2000 Jason Boland and the Stragglers will be live in concert June17th for the K95.5 Antlers homecomeing dance! Thr best part is that it will be a free show on High Street! Check out some acoustic tunes from the band. Go to Jason Boland and the Stragglers acoustic tunes.

5-25-2000 Ah, Memorial Day weekend, the summer season's first holiday! There are plenty of things to celebrate, like barbeques, picnics and family road trips. But there's a nasty side, too, and we're not just talking mosquitoes and that nosy, know-it-all brother-in-law. There'll be plenty of cops sitting on the side of the road taking "pictures" and handing out tickets. So, with that in mind, it's time for TheCarConnection.com to kick off a new tradition with its First Annual Best Excuses contest. We've all come up with a good line -- well, most of us, anyway -- a seemingly reasonable explanation that has warmed the cold heart of an angry state trooper. If you've found a way to get off for going Warp speed, we'd like to know how you did it. Just tell us what you said -- and what happened, and you could win a Uniden LRD777 laser radar detector, or one of many other prizes! How about this one? My wife is in labor...uh

5-24-2000 Dwight Yoakam is releasing an all acoustic CD. Ok you ask why this is on the K95.5 Internet Minute? Because it will only be avaliable online. You won't find it in any record store! Buy it on line at DwightYoakam.net. Yes, you can sample a few tracks before you buy it to. Tracks like TWO DOOR DOWN, LITTLE SISTER, and A THOUSAND MILES FROM NOWHERE. Also To celebrate the release of dwightyoakamacoustic.net, RollingStone.com is giving one lucky winner an autographed Dwight Yoakam signature Gibson guitar called the "Y2K" (Y for Yoakam, 2K for the year 2000). This guitar is an all maple J-200 Jr., approximately 80% of size of the traditional Gibson jumbos. Register to win at www.rollingstone.com.

5-23-2000 Jo Dee Messina is going to allow you to sample her next album, Burn, on her Web site, jodeemessina.com. It started this week and you can hear a new song every week until the album's August 1st release.

5-22-2000 Roscoe's web page , Bo Duke (check out the merchandise. they sell schnieder CD's), Luke Duke , Cooters , Enos Daisy (with pictures of her then, not now)

and Coy Duke (you remember cousin Coy and Vance Duke, right?)

5-19-2000 WHAT DO YOU DO WHILE ON-LINE? Here are the top things people ages 25-49 do while surfing the Internet: · Listen to radio: 66% · Watch +TV: 49% · Talk on the phone: 46% · Pay bills: 24% · Do household chores: 22%

5-18-2000 In Northeast Texas and Southeast Oklahoma the weather can change in about 5 minutes! So when you need immediate weather information tune into K95.5 and check out these weather sites click here for Notheast Texas, and for Southeastern Oklahoma Click here.

5-17-2000 BEST PLACES TO KISS The Internet site Third Age (www.thirdage.com) asked its readers to list their favorite places to kiss. Here are the results: On a beach next to a bonfire, when the moon is full. There was a tie for second: Flipping pancakes in the kitchen on a Sunday morning and coming off a plane at the airport. In a boat in Blue Grotto off the Isle of Capri, Italy. Alone with your lover in an elevator. In the mist of Niagara Falls. Floating together in the warm tropical waters of the South Pacific. There was a tie for seventh: During a snowfall in New York's Central Park and in a gondola in Venice, Italy. There was a three way tie for eighth: Under a starry sky in the Australian Outback; Verona, Italy where Romeo and Juliet fell in love, and a jewelry store, right after your lover buys you a ring and pops the question. On a ski lift in the Rocky Mountains around Aspen, Colorado. Sailing under San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge.

5-16-2000 Shania Twain is auctioning off her Diamond Award, which she received to commemorate the multi-million dollar sales status of her 1995 CD The Woman in Me. Proceeds from the sale will go to benefit The Children’s Wish Foundation. Bids can be made at www.bargoon.com.

5-15-2000 Send an email to friend using GOMO.com pick out different backgrounds, pictures, and even use your own voice.

5-12-2000(Product Feature) EasyBuy2000 is distributing an affordable portable player that can play both regular audio CDs and CD-Rs filled with MP3 files meaning memory becomes a moot issue. The MPTrip looks like any other Discman-like portable CD player. It runs on two AA batteries. Cost? starting at $109.00

5-11-2000 Hot keys to help speed up your surfing. These are for Internet Explorer but most will work in Netscape.

F11-- Toggle between full screen and regular view of the browser window ALT+HOME-- Go to your homepage UP ARROW Scroll toward the beginning of a page DOWN ARROW Scroll toward the end of a page HOME Jump to beginning of page END Jump to end of page CTRL+F-- Bring up dialog box to search for a word or phrase in current page CTRL+R Refresh Page CTRL+N Open new browser window CTRL+W Close current window (good for cleaning up pop-ups). CTRL+D Add current page to Favorites ALT+D Select text in address bar (good for copying URLs to paste elsewhere). CTRL+ENTER Adds "http://www." to beginning and ".com" to end of text in address bar. (This is a cool one, just type zdtv in address bar, the hit CTRL+ENTER, and you're there.)


5-10-2000 We want to help you hide your tracks while surfing. Try Anonymizer.com or Freedom from ZeroKnowledge.com which masks a Web surfer's identity. Anonymizer.com acts as a middleman between Web surfers and the sites they visit.Use these sites to protect yourself from e-commerce spam.

5-9-2000 According to a new nationwide survey by www.Mom.com, the majority of American mothers would choose gifts that have little monetary value over purchased gifts like sweets or flowers. Forty-six percent of those surveyed said gifts like hugs and kisses and any handmade items are better than any expensive gifts. Seventeen percent of mothers would like a massage, a romantic night out or beauty treatments such as manicures, pedicures and facials.

5-8-2000 Happy birthday to Stape Yopar (or AKA Pete Starnes) the Head Yoda at NEATO! In honer of Pete's birthday here is how to find your Star Wars name.Step 1. Take the first 3 letters of your last name. Step 2. Add to that, the first 2 letters of your first name Your Star Wars Last Name: Step 3. Take the first 2 letters of your mother's maiden name. Step 4. Add to that the first 3 letters of the name of the town or city you were born.

5-5-2000 Check out the latest concerts with the K95.5 Concert Calendar!

5-4-2000 The Web site, www.fanchecks.com, is now offering checks featuring the likenesses of Alan Jackson, Billy Ray Cyrus, Lorrie Morgan and Tim McGraw. The checks can be purchased off of the Web site for $17.95.

5-3-2000 Worm alert! From time to time you need to download patches and fixes for your operating system. If you use Windows 95/98 Microsoft has had some security problems and you can fix it by going to MICROSOFT/SECURITY to download the updates.

5-2-2000 With the summer just around the corner it is time for the biggest movies of the year! K95.5 proudly announces the introduction of Lane Meyers! Mr. Meyers an avid movie fan will give you the scoop on all the latest movies! Go to K95.5 Movie review guy page!

5-1-2000 What are men looking for online? Joe Schwartz, author of The Complete Idiot's Guide to Online Dating and Relating, says they tend to divide into five main categories: The Butterfly: He as many relationships but not in a committed way. The Nester: He wants to find a committed relationship. He is very goal-oriented and focused. He is not interested in friendship, but in finding the One. The Dabbler: He wants to see what it's all about. This kind of man will write loads, then suddenly stop. The Hormone: He wants sex, either virtual, in person, or both. He usually make s this very clear from the outset. The Seeker: He is looking but doesn’t know what for. He is passed the Dabbler stage, but can't define what he wants.

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