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Mar 1 Check out the latest CCR CD! Soul Gravy CD is due out in stores next week, take a listen in advance! Click here

Mar 2 Treasure hunting- Ever wanted find lost treasure? First you must find the story, and this site has the stories! Plus check out the site of the month

Mar 3 Picture History
This Kohlberg Foundation-sponsored Web site offers a digital library of images and footage illustrating more than 200 years of American history, and visitors will find that there’s something particularly immediate and effective about pondering history with these artifacts as one’s guide.

Mar 4 FantasyInvestment.com
“Congratulations! You’ve just made yourself a million dollars.” Wouldn’t that sound like music to your ears? Armed with a virtual $100,000 and your most bloodthirsty instincts, take this chance to jab at the big shots

Mar 5 Ladies United for the Preservation of Endangered Cocktails
Now that the popular culture is rid of those four HBO Manhattanites with their Cosmopolitans, it’s time to take back a few more of the world’s great lost drinks: the Gin Fizz, the Pink Squirrel, the Singapore Sling, and so on. This exceedingly fun site, currently gearing up for Women’s History Month

Mar 8th Mob Names In honor of HBO's The Sopranos, I invite you to get in touch with your inner gangster. Give me your first and last name and my Mob Name Generator will give you your mob nickname. Then, just fuhgedaboudit!

Mar 9Gum Blondes
Jason Kronenwald is creating portraits on plywood with… gum. Chewed gum. Chewed, naturally-colored gum. Chewed, naturally-colored gum donated by volunteers. He’s got images of Britney, Anna Kournikova, Britney again, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Britney, and various other blondes

Mar 11th www.wmob.com/ Girl Problems, Mafia beef, high blood pressure, a difficult boss, listen to what is bugging a real life mafia hit men.

Mar 12th The Slugger's Path
Whether it’s as simple as a New Year’s resolution or as comprehensive as a 12-step plan, changing one’s life requires structure. This simple, pleasant site provides an appealing baseball metaphor to help you ponder your progress through recovery; the motto here is “SLUGs not drugs” but it seems that the path outlines could apply to the effort to overcome all kinds of addictive behaviors.

Mar 15th storySouth Million Writers Award
Hurry right over to this site: The folks at storySouth have chosen their ten finalists for the best works of fiction published online during the last year, and they’d like you to vote on a winner. The voting ends today.

Mar 16th Campfire Chronicle
Whether you’re ready to greet spring in the great outdoors or are one of those hardy types who didn’t let winter stop you, the change in seasons certainly puts most folks in mind of getting back to nature for a few hours or days. This site’s got tips on where to go, what gear to take along, and even what to sing while you’re burning the season’s first bag of marshmallows.

Mar 17th The celebration of St. Patrick's Day in the United States may bring to mind images of parades, beer, and partygoers decked out in green. Bridget Haggerty, though, remembers marking St. Patrick's Day very differently. A 41-year U.S. resident who was born to Irish parents in England, Haggerty is the author of The Traditional Irish Wedding and the Web site Irish Culture and Customs.

Mar 18th Hallmark e-Cards
As the dot-com landscape has changed over the past few years, we've mourned the loss of lots of good, free e-card sites. It turns out, however, that the company that offers so many cards on paper also has some perfectly charming selections for those of us living a stamp-free lifestyle.

Mar 19th AndiBell.net
You may not be forgetful, but we'll bet you'd be happy to improve your memorization ability if you could do so easily. Champion memorizer Andi Bell – yes, there are competitions for memorizing – uses a variety of easy-to-acquire skills for connecting masses of names and faces, retaining huge lists of words and numbers, and mentally filing data of all kinds. He's got lots of useful tips here. Try it out!

Mar 22ndWedding Planning Guide
Deep breath. Don't panic. Not only can you and your intended have the wedding of your dreams, there's an excellent chance you can do it without killing yourselves in the process. This site brings together a wealth of tips and information on handling everything from finding a beautiful dress to booking the reception hall and preparing the toasts.

Mar 23rd http://www.lanefrost.com/

Mar 24th Blue Dogs Check out today's instudio guests! The Blue Dogs from South Carolina.

Mar 25th March Madness Cell Phone Tourney
Can the Treo 600 pull the upset over the Siemens SL56? Will heavyweight Motorola get one of its three entries into the final four? Does the Sony Ericsson T616 have enough features to go all the way? C|Net has put an interesting spin on March Madness with its fourth annual cell phone showdown.

Mar 26th www.leegreenwood.com Nashville – Multi-platinum, multi-Grammy winning recording artist, and writer of “God Bless The USA”-- the song that has become a 21st century national anthem--Lee Greenwood is putting his influence where his song lyrics are. Greenwood is stepping up on the national platform to champion the cause of “One Nation Under God.”

Mar 29th The Barcelona Perfume Museum
Pictures might say more than a thousands words, but to instantaneously revisit a memory, all it takes is a hint of a scent. Dating back to the dawn of time, aromatic oils enriched the lives of Egyptians, Romans, Arabs, and Greeks and continue to play a central role in communicating affection.

Mar 30th Weather for NASCAR Follow America's most popular racing series' as they tour around the country. Check the latest forecasts, radar and satellite for each of NASCARTM's three major series.

Mar 31st NASCAR Community features news, reviews and opinions as well as robust bulletin boards and chat rooms.

Apr 1st If you’re a NASCAR novice, NASCAR For Dummies can help you with the basics of the sport – the differences between the NASCAR Winston Cup Series and the NASCAR Busch Series, Grand National Division – so you can build upon your NASCAR knowledge from there. If you’re more advanced, you'll discover the subtleties of the sport so you can sound like an old pro.

Apr 2nd TEXAS MOTOR SPEEDWAY Bristol NASCAR NEXTEL Cup winner Kurt Busch will now focus his attention on "The Great American Speedway" for Sunday's Samsung/RadioShack 500. The defending Crown Royal International Race of Champions titlewinner will also compete in Friday night's 100-mile IROC round.

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