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3-31-2000 Learning a language is easier if you're immersed in the native culture. But finding the means to spend a couple of months in Mexico or France is not easy. Easier: going to www.parlo.com, which offers courses in English, French and Spanish (German and Italian lessons are scheduled to join the mix this year). The Parlo twist is "virtual immersion" applications that surround at-home students with cultural sights and sounds. Besides the expected listen-and-imitate lessons, the site offers music with lyrics, magazine articles, chat rooms hosted by native speakers, teacher curriculum ideas and more. You can sign up for daily, chatty e-mailed lessons, too.

3-30-2000 Mademoiselle reports that by 2004, the US will be home to a projected 315 million obsolete computers and most will be dragged to the ultimate trashcan -- a landfill. Unfortunately, pitching a PC presents more eco-hazards than tossing an old toaster, says Leslie Byster, program and communications director of Silicon Valley Toxics Coalition, a watchdog organization. "Heavy metals, such as lead, mercury and hexavalent chromium are present in much higher amounts in computers than other electrical equipment," she says, adding that the toxic chemicals can leach into local groundwater and pose a serious health hazard. Before you ditch that dinosaur consider donating it. Scools, libraries and some charities will gladly snatch up most models, so will the original manufacturer. To paraphrase the old ad jingle: Give a hoot -- compute, but don't pollute. Looking to unload an old computer? Check out a list of interested parties at www.nonprofit-services.com/reuse.

3-29-2000 A Brazilian priest famous for his top-of-the-chart Songs to Praise the Lord and aerobic dance Masses has converted -- to the internet. Father Marcelo Rossi, who packs stadiums across Brazil with his high-energy bible readings, will broadcast to his masses live over the internet and join the faithful in heavenly chat rooms. The 33-year-old Catholic cleric and former physical education teacher has given evangelical movements a run for their money with his dance-along masses called "The Lord's Aerobics." Worshipers can join him at www.padremarcelorossionline.com.br.


3-28-2000 You Have "Hate" Mail: A new anti-Regis Philbin Web site has been launched at www.smashregis.com. The site invites surfers to play a game where they drop bags of cash or other objects onto Regisí head. Players can win a "Smash Regis" T-shirt. The shirts will soon be sold on college campuses.

3-27-2000 Design your own shoes! The colors and styles are limited but they well print anything on the bottom( within reason) got to www.Nike.com

3-22-2000 Happy birthday, Captain Kirk! Actually, he won't be born for quite a while but William Shatner turns 69 today. It's time for the 23rd century vocal impresario to sing his hippest out-of-date tunes. Rhino has the CDs, or you can download sound bytes from Sing a Long. Make sure you punch Shatner in the face and make his toupee fall off a Punch Shattner t or find a lot crazy stuff at the Church of Shatnerology .

3-20-2000 In the Market for a New Llama? Check out the Hard Rock Ranch, a website specializing in fine-fibered, show quality llamas.Find out everything you wanted and didn't want ot know about Llamas.

3-15-2000 Looking for information on toddlers? try online at www.toddlerville.com You will find great articles for parents!

3-7-2000 It sounds too good to be true, but it's a growing trend nationwide: Companies are hiring massage therapists to give employees free desk-side back rubs, citing higher productivity and less tension as results. Ready to run the idea by your boss? First, find qualified therapists on www.amtamassage.org.

3-6-2000 Find out some really cool stuff about country music at Country Cool dot com



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