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6-1-07 www.ajaxwrite.com It's a Web-based word processor that's free and that works (but only in Firefox).

6-4-07 Adventure Park in Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico, orphaned killer whale known as Pascuala. Mexican aquarium workers have been feeding the baby named Pascuala around the clock with milk from a tube inserted in her mouth since she was found beached in a Pacific fishing village in April.Read more http://orcapascuala.blogspot.com/

6-5-07 Airfarewatchdog.com www.airfarewatchdog.com Other travel sites may use Web crawlers to find the lowest fares, but Airfarewatchdog's allure is that it uses real people to bring you low fares, even ones from smaller airlines. View the Top 50 Fares, Fare of the Day, and find out the best places to sit on U.S. airlines. There's even a Travel Q&A section to provide tips on things such as rental cars, cruises, and health/safety.

6-6-07 Google Maps Mania http://www.googlemapsmania.blogspot.com/ Lots of developers use Google Maps as the basis for creating new online tools. And as more and more sites publish these tools, one blogger is keeping track of it all. On Google Maps Mania, you'll find recent sites highlighted, and classics listed. So if you're looking for, say, a place to share favorite cycling routes, a mash-up using the New York City subway map, or an interactive BBC news map, you're in luck.

6-8-07 Photonhead www.photonhead.com Filled with tips, tricks, and tutorials, Photonhead is a great resource for newbies and not-so-newbies to digital photography. Photonhead covers choosing a camera, taking photos, and photo editing, and
has a cool "SimCam," which lets you adjust shutter speed, aperture, and ISO on a test image and see the results as if it were a real camera. Look elsewhere for camera and software reviews, though, as the ones on the site are ancient.

6-11-07 www.cookingbynumbers.com How many cookbooks begin by asking what you have in your fridge? That's precisely what CookingByNumbers.com does, surveying the contents of your kitchen before dispensing recipes based on what's already in your cupboard. Recipes range from simple grilled-cheese sandwiches to Mediterranean pork chops and even chocolate cake.

6-12-07 Charity Navigator www.charitynavigator.org So you have some extra cash and you'd like to give it to a good cause, but you're not sure which you can trust? Before you open your wallet, check out Charity Navigator, a nonprofit organization that evaluates and rates charities for you. Searching on the site is simple, and the top-ten lists, including "celebrity-related charities" and "inefficient fund-raisers," are a great feature.

6-13-07 NASCAR Nextel Cup driver Dale Earnhardt Jr. has scheduled a news conference for Wednesday at 11:00a,/et at his JR Motorsports race shop.Watch the event via LIVE Streaming Video on the web at mms://wmscnn.stream.aol.com/live/nascar/webcast1_high

6-14-07 http://www.sonnyburgess.com/ It's Sonny Burgess!!! Coming to Antlers Homecoming Main Street Jam on June 16th! Check it out!

6-15-07 http://www.wildlifeheritagecenter.org/ Check out the Wildlife Heritage Center in Antlers, Oklahoma!

6-19-07 www.boxofficemojo.com Box Office Mojo has information about box-office stats past, present, and future. The site gives a rundown of the movie as well as its performance at the box office.

6-20-07 Radar Estimated Rain Totals These rain totals are derived from the WSR88D (Nation Weather Service ) Radars. SCROLL DOWN to see the 24 hour, 7 day, and 30 day Rain Totals. ... www.corad.org/rain_totals.htm

6-21-07 iLounge www.ilounge.com As the homepage suggests, iLounge is the place to go for "all things iPod, iTunes, and beyond." This site is a repository of iPod-related news and information: reviews, previews, feature articles, and even tutorials. iLounge also offers an iPod Book 2.2 guide, 202 pages of comprehensive iPod information, as a free download.

6-22-07 TechieDiva www.techiediva.blogs.com TechieDiva fills a void in the gadget blog arena by writing about technology
for women. Here, females can satisfy their tech tastebuds with news and reviews on fashionable cell phones, laptop bags, Swarovski jeweled desk accessories, and more. Sign up for the newsletter to be included in giveaways automatically.

6-25-07 U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Home Page The USACE is responsible for investigating, developing and maintaining the nation's water and related environmental resources. www.usace.army.mil/

6-28-07 FindSounds.com, http://www.findsounds.com/ , a free site where you can search the Web for sound effects and musical instrument samples. Take a look at the types of sounds you can find.

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