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June 1st Surfer Magazine Cams & Forecasts
Surf's up, dudes! Or is it? Don't waste a car ride to the beach to find out. Instead, Hit surfmag.com before you hit the waves and check out a brief update on conditions for the east and west coasts as well as Hawaii.

June 2nd All About Puppies
Thinking of adding a four-footed member to your family? Summer, with its relaxed pace and abundance of outdoor activity, is a nice time to bring home a new puppy.

June 3rd Disaster Online
If you enjoyed The Day After Tomorrow but have reconciled yourself to the fact that the Statue of Liberty remains above the snowdrifts, you may well be in the mood for another disaster-themed film right about now. This fun site specializes in movie mayhem, offering synopses and ratings for hundreds of flicks ranging from excellent (hey, we loved The Towering Inferno!) to execrable (what, still you trust our taste?)

June 4th It's 43rd annual PRCA Rodeo This weekend is Rodeo weekend in Hugo. Check out the PRCA Rodeo website. Maybe you can find some information.

June 7th Opinion Duel
As we slide further into the muck of the current Presidential campaign as conducted in ads and on talk radio, we’re pleased to see that at least a few pundits are striving to elevate the debate

June 8th http://briarbranchroad.com/ Be Sure to sign the guestbook

June 9th Piled Higher and Deeper
Hard to say who’s made more miserable by grad school: Those who are in it or those who fully intend to get back to it real soon now. Either way, you’ll find yourself both laughing and wincing at Jorge Cham’s smart comic strip, which feels your pain

June 10th Auction: Titanic and Other Legendary Liners
Another one of those unusual Hot Sites inasmuch as they’re selling stuff

June 11th What's That Bug?
Step One: Please stop screaming. Step Two: Drop by this site and see if any of the mug shots… erm, photos resemble the thing on the bathroom wall. Step Three: Deal with bug as recommended. And remember: If you don’t stop looking at the pictures, you’re going to start with the screaming again

June 15th Sensory Impact
Have an appreciation for beautiful household objects? (Translation: Do you like… stuff?) Make sure to pay regular visits to this blog, which chronicles striking design from around the world.

June 16th Mostly Medieval: Exploring the Middle Ages
H ook up with information on the Middle Ages as they truly were. Proprietor Susan Wallace compiled much of this information as she researched a novel set in 13th-century Scotland; you’ll learn lots about the ballads, heraldry, holidays, medicine and religious observances of the time.

June 17th Ulysses for Dummies
Today’s the centenary of Bloomsday, the 24-hour span immortalized by James Joyce in his classic Ulysses, which you conned the head of the English department into thinking you’d read back in school. It’s not too late to get down with your bad Hiberian-literature-enjoying self, though: Simply skim this illustrated chapter-by-chapter guide and you too will be rocking Dublin today, at least in spirit.

June 18th The Retro Future
Very few things provoke a fonder smile than a look back at the past looking forward at the future. This site covers a few such moments: A television special (hosted by Walter Cronkite!) that promised a 21st century full of home computers (yes) and water-soluble dishes (not), the Earthly origin of the name Futurama and the strangely intertwined lives of the seminal Telstar satellite and the man who wrote the song by the same name.

June 21st PayCheckCity
This site is exactly what it claims to be in the title bar: employee self-service tools to better manage your paycheck.

June 22nd http://www.xprize.org/ The Corporate race for space travel

June 23st The Two Things
Glen Whitman is in the process of distilling the world to its essences. He has a theory that most fields of human endeavor can be summarized with two basic things you really need to know; all else is commentary.

June 24rd Experience Science Fiction Museum
Today’s the day, science- and speculative-fiction fans: Seattle’s Experience Science Fiction museum opens to the public.

June 25th Office Moron Test
As the big fish eats the smaller fish eats the smaller fish still, anyone who functions in an office hierarchy regards certain of his co-workers as utter wastes of carbon, and you may be sure that someone else feels the same about him. Take this attitudinal test and find out exactly what kind of pain you’re inflicting on someone’s neck.

June 28th Who's on First?
The greatest comedy routine of the 20th century is online for your listening pleasure, your viewing pleasure, and – if you think you’re equal to the task – for your reading-aloud pleasure as well.

June 29th The Skeptics vs. The Ozone Hole
Today (June 28) is a most sobering anniversary: Thirty years ago today, scientists at UC-Irvine published the first scientific paper warning of the damage chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) were capable of doing to the Earth’s ozone layer.

June 30th The Butterfly Site: Butterfly Gardening
With the cicadas gone for another 17 years, now’s definitely the time to start your butterfly garden if you have not already done so. Good news: All it takes is a bit of intelligent planting to grow plants that caterpillars love to munch and butterflies prefer to sip on.

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