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6-30-2000 access a worldwide network of small farmers growing certified organic seeds, bulbs, and plants! www.seedsofchange.com

6-29-2000 This site sets the standard for horticultural stores! www.gardeners.com


6-26-2000 Well baby Payne finally arrived! Check out all the latest photos @ Willand Brandi.com

6-23-2000 Selectsmart.com You can put in your own political views, and it'll tell you which candidates are most aligned with them. You may be surprised!

6-22-2000 6-14-2000 Top Sites! Find the top e-commerce sites from books to booking flights at Gomez.com Gomez will give an overall ranking for different online businesses.

6-21-2000 Keep your pets slim and trim with the Petsmart.com food calculator enter in your dogs data and you'll find out your dogs CPD (cost per day) and how much you should feed FIDO.

6-20-2000 Two ladies forever bonded Hillary Clinton and Monica Lewinsky! Get all of your Hillary campaign stuff at www.hillarystuff.com and Moncia won't be out done! Check out www.therealmonica.com Now that's what I call She-commerce.

6-19-2000 See some of the biggest movie blunders at www.movie-mistakes.com

6-16-2000 GIFTED DADS A national survey has revealed what men really want -- when it comes to their favorite gifts. Based on a telephone poll of gift preferences among 400 men over 18 years of age in households across the United States, gift certificates for a favorite restaurant emerged as the leading gift of choice, followed by home improvement and sporting goods stores. Based on a national survey of more than 400, men reveal a variety of "first choices" when it comes to gift certificate they would most like to receive; following is an outline of top categories: Restaurant Dining, 21% Home Improvement, 15% Clothing, 15% Sporting Goods, 14% Books, 8% Music, 7% GiftCertificates.com.

6-15-2000 Did he flirt with your best friend? Did she hook up with your former flame? Then it may be time to send them to the Love Police! Robert Welton's "girlfriend from hell who committed all the relationship no-no's you can think of" inspired www.lovepolice.com. At the sit you can issue your bad boy/girl a free email citation, clueing them in to what they did wrong ("forgot birthday," "excessive dutch-treating," "acting like a jerk"). They will instantaneously receive the rules on how to "bail" themselves out of trouble. You can suggest things like "flowers or jewelry or a cold beer would be nice." Then they can link on to a virtual store and virtually all is forgiven!

6-14-2000 Top Sites! Find the top e-commerce sites from books to booking flights at Gomez.com Gomez will give an overall ranking for different online businesses.

6-13-2000 Ever wonder why Neil Armstrong said good luck Mr Gorsky? Can you really win a Honda by sending on a email? Find out the answers to these Urban legends and more Click here to enter.

6-12-2000 Ready, set, go....! It is now that easy to gripe about your tax bill, find disaster relief, or send a note to the Govenor. We have found a great site filled with links to local-government websites. (Sites for all 50 states) Goto State and Local Government on the web.

6-9-2000 Two things in life are certain, first appliances will break, second you will consider fixing them yourself. Before you grab a screw driver and monkey wrench check out www.repairclinic.com The site will even help you locate and order replacement parts.

6-8-2000 Video gaming, it's all about winning and winning at all cost. We just can't have our little brother conquering the evil empire first can we? No sir. So how do we do it? We look for Cheat Codes to make us invencible. Check out www.cheatcc.com for the latest codes. Of course the best never cheat!

6-7-2000 If you've ever wanted to do something this site is for you. The site is SOYOUWANNA.com

Here is the current top five So You Wanna's.
1. SYW go skydiving?
2. SYW write an impressive resume?
3. SYW get an unusual piercing?
4. SYW get a tattoo?
5. SYW write a cover letter?


6-6-2000 How to find an obscure cookbook. The old way would be to call all the book stores in the area. The new way is to search big online stores like Amazon.com, bookfinder.com, or Greenapple.com. What used to take hours on the phone and days of waiting can be reduced to about 3 minutes.

6-5-2000 Check out www.fijan.com SurfinGuard is the first personal sandbox security utility that proactively monitors executable (.exe) programs for malicious behavior. SurfinGuard runs executables in a protected "sandbox" environment and automatically blocks any hidden Trojan or worm that breaches security rules. SurfinGuard uses Finjan's First-Strike Securityš technology to detect and prevent malicious code attacks without relying on anti-virus database updates. With no updates needed, SurfinGuard users can open executable files with the peace of mind that they are protected.

6-2-2000 Be sure to check out the Concert Calendar to see who is coming to our area.

6-1-2000 Ok I understand that you would like a digital camera but, you still want those color prints. Most color printer can't print out pics like the old Motophoto right. Well now here is the answer. Email your pics to www.ofoto.com they print a color picture and send it you.

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