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July 1st Genetics Home Reference
Welcome to the Genetics Home Reference, the National Library of Medicine's web site for consumer information about genetic conditions and the genes responsible for those conditions. The resources on this site should not be used as a substitute for professional medical care or advice. Users seeking information about a personal genetic condition should consult with a qualified healthcare professional.

July 2nd www.mlb.mlb.com Hurry the voting ends at Midnight. go oline and vote for the All-Stars. Here is your chance to tell MLB who should play in the Major League All-Stars game. You can vote up to 25 time.

July 3rd . Cheap PC's Ever thought about buying one of those ultra low dollar PC's? Here is a good article that rated $200.00 PCs available from different sources. Check out TigerDirect.com

July 4th Zoom Into Maps
Maps help us make sense of our world. This Library of Congress site explores maps and how they are used, with sections for local geography, exploration and discovery, migration and settlement, environmental history, travel and transportation, military, pictorial, and unusual maps.

July 7th Television News Archive
The Television News Archive collection at Vanderbilt University is the world's most extensive and complete archive of television news. The collection holds more than 30,000 individual network evening news broadcasts from the major U.S. national broadcast networks: ABC, CBS, NBC, and CNN, and more than 9,000 hours of special news-related programming including ABC's Nightline since 1989.

July 8th Government Information Awareness (GIA) is a research effort by the Computing Culture group of the MIT Media Lab. It aims to provide software and data to help citizens understand the complexities of their government.
We were motivated by the Defense Advance Research Program Administration (DARPA) program, Total Information Awareness, which seeks to gather, consolidate, and analyze information about Americans and foreigners. We see such research as possibly helpful, and probably dangerous to the democratic process.

July 9th What to do about Spam. The debate over how best to crack down on junk e-mail has erupted into brass-knuckle lobbying wars in several state capitals, with some legislators accusing Microsoft Corp. and other Internet service providers of sabotaging efforts to craft tough anti-spam laws. And to add to it Microsoft wants immunity..

July 10th Move over, Sherlock Holmes. Make room for history's real detectives. These sleuthing souls go behind local folklore, urban legend and the downright historically befuddling with PBS' new series History Detectives. Go behind the scenes with them for a little investigative work of your own before the first episode even airs with this mysteriously thorough site.

July 11th Sometimes you just need a little friendly boost to put that pep in your step, and with volunteerfriends.org, you can do both. Although this site is geared toward those 55 and older, we still advise younger would-be volunteers to check it out. It's chock full of ideas on how you can give back to your community and get a buddy to join you.

July 14th Here's something random — literally. Next time you're stumped by one of those nasty statistics problem — should you have the misfortune of being in such a class— or you're asked to flip a coin, just go to random.org. That's right, all of your random coin flipping needs are right there. And forget the boring old quarter. Flip a Swiss franc or a Colombian peso. OK, if you're really that stubborn and old fashioned, go ahead and flip a quarter, but here you can choose which state's quarter you're going to toss.

July 15th One of the more demoralizing aspects of the current job market is when educated, respectable, tax-paying adults go to dozens (if not hundreds) of job interviews trying to convince employers that they're not overqualified. If you're in this sad situation, rest assured that you're not alone. Meet 8 Good People talking candidly about dealing with one of the most painful episodes of their lives: long-term unemployment. Forget American Idol and Bachelor: Clair, Connie, Dan, Emily, Roger, Rochelle and Steven are, alas, today's reality

July 16th Enough — take yourself away from the harsh reality of traffic jams and unemployment and hop on a boat to hang out with the Burarra people. Not familiar with them? This site takes you on a virtual journey through northern Australia for a unique look at their little-known way of life.to travel with friendly guides Danaja and his grandfather, Wala Wala. They'll help you catch shellfish and navigate waterways by the night's starry skies. These downright neighborly dudes offer an impressive journey to a locale we're sure you'll find it hard to bid farewell to.

July 17th Grab your wig, a feather pen, and a good atlas and get ready to cast your eyes on the original John Hancock. You might say the Founding Fathers are road-tripping; their most incendiary piece of work is hitting the streets, and now you can get a glimpse before it comes to your town with independenceroadtrip.org.

July 18th Kids Design Network How'd you like to help a child you know invent a gadget that would allow a dog to launch a rocket? While we don't know how practical or safe this idea is (or how much the dog would enjoy it), it sounds like a fun way to spend some quality time with your favorite kids.

July 21st peoplesayilooklike Hey, isn't that the chick from Clueless? No, it's just one of the hundreds of celebrity look-alikes who have contributed their picture to this overwhelming online photo album of, well, look-alikes. Stroll through a few of the would-be body doubles, or send in your own picture (or that of an unsuspecting friend) with a frightening resemblence to the rich and famous.

July 22nd National Geographic's Map Machine literally lets you see the world in new ways, offering everything from street maps of North America and Europe to historical maps of railroads and battles -- hours of physical, political, cultural and panoramic discovery. Still not impressed? Check out the terrain map of Mars.

July 23rd The Special Olympic World Summer Games just wrapped in Ireland. Don't fret if you missed it, because the depth of its site is almost as impressive as some of its athletes. Go ahead and jump the hurdle to fast results for events, athletes and delegations. Sprint to some fun facts (present and historic) about the games' philosophy and principles, host country and corporate sponsors. (Bet you didn't know Heinz squeezed out a little help.)

July 24th We've all tried it one way or another. Turning the ringer off, taking the phone off the hook, ignoring your caller ID's friendly "out of area" warning, screaming into the receiver, or just conceding and applying for your ninth low-APR credit card. Well feel victimized no more; register your phone number to magically disappear from most telemarketers' little black books. You better hurry though, because if you don't register before Sept. 1, those little buggers might be able to keep pushing your buttons well into the holiday season.

July 25th Talk about upwardly mobile: People in the Victorian era envisioned themselves floating across water via large balloons, gliding down moving sidewalks, and moving their homes (or entire city blocks) to new locations whenever they were ready for a change of scenery — just a few of the modern amenities they predicted would make their lives (or, more accurately, their descendants' live) easier in the year 2000. Not only did they put their visions of technology up for public discussion, they actually traded them on decks of cards, now available for your viewing pleasure some 100 years later online.

July 28th upcomingdiscs.com. Not only can you see which releases are just around the corner, you can peruse the editors' reviews and chat with other impatient fans in the forums. Not a movie fan? Some of the best television series are also ranked and reviewed. What's that? You're bored with movies and television? Check out lists and reviews of upcoming games, then -- they're listed as well.

July 29th Would you rather stub your baby toe or jam your pinky? Now you can make those decisions online with hours of mind-numbing pleasure on youmustchoose.com — and, even better, see how your choices stack up against others. (When last we checked, 64% of folks who answered the question were willing to sacrifice the baby toe to save the finger.)

July 30th dames who dazzled through the decades on distinguishedwomen.com. They made not have made as much money as their male counterparts, and many are omitted from school textbooks, but they're recognized and revered in this corner of cyberspace.

July 31st Raise your bottle for a cheer to Stubby — not the short dude next to you, but the short-necked bottle that made drinking brew in Canada so fun and stylish for a quarter of a century. Think it's a joke, eh? This container for complete nutritional wheat and barley allowances for our northern neighbors even has an entry in The Canadian Oxford Dictionary. Check out this commemorative site for a complete history and pictorial celebration.

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