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1-05-08 http://www.docstoc.com/

1-06-09 http://www.cesweb.org/

1-07-09 http://www.covington-creations.com/ Ear Bud Yo-Yo

01-13-09 https://www.23andme.com Discover how your genes influence your
health and traits

011409 http://www.halls.md/ideal-weight/body.htm What is your ideal weight

01-15-09- http://www.grabafriend.com/ grabAfriend is like Craigslist for
friends, a web service where people can list themselves and others can grab
them as friends.

1-16-09 SGN has just released the latest update to its smash-hit iPhone game iBowl , which closed out 2008 as the 4th most popular game on the App Store

1-21-09 http://www.goosegrade.com/   Grade your favorite blog

01-22-09 http://www.mego.com Create a personalized avatar with custom
backgrounds, animations, photo tools and more. Easily organize and integrate
your online content inside your mEgo then share your mEgo everywhere you go
online.1-Click posting to MySpace, Facebook, Xanga, Hi5, Blogger,
Friendster, BlackPlanet, LiveJournal and more.

01-22-09 http://www.salesforce.com aking advantage of superior customer relationship management (CRM) to manage and share information is a key competitive advantage for businesses today.

1-30-09 http://www.mint.com/ The best free way to manage your money.

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