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ACM Announces Initial List of Nominees

The Academy of Country Music has announced the first ballot for its 37th annual awards ceremony. The preliminary list of nominees will be reduced to five contenders when the final nominations are announced in March in Los Angeles. A full list of initial nominees is available at the Academy's website, www.acmcountry.com, but here are the initial nominees :

Stu Evans, KMLE/Phoenix; Steve Harmon, WCOL/Columbus, OH; Paul Koffy, WSSL/Greenville, SC; Tone Marconi, KKIX/Fayetteville, AR; Vicki Murphy, WFMS/ Indianapolis; Payne & Diamond, KITX/Hugo, OK; Wilhite & Wall, KKIX, Fayetteville, AR.

Last year's winners are not eligible to win this year. The awards show is set for May 21 at the Universal Amphitheatre in Los Angeles


01-31-02 Ever wanted to know more about livestock? Here is great website for Oklahoma State University. Click here to enter.

01-30-02 http://www.nada.com/ Have you ever gone to a car lot and they ask if you have a trade in? Then they pull out the little yellow and black book with NADA on? Fumble through it and magically pull out a price? Here is theFind a Price, Find a Vehicle, Find a Dealer - Find It Free!! Access the World's Largest Inventory of New & Used Cars & Trucks Find Car Reviews, Consumer Tips, Vehicle History Reports Build, Research & Compare New Cars & Trucks

01-29-02 The benefits of Compute Against Cancer are twofold. Researchers affiliated with participant organizations gain access to a massive computing platform, empowering vital cancer research. And cancer organizations receive additional funding without reaching into their supporters' pocketbooks. Launched in July 2000, Compute Against Cancer is the first philanthropic computing effort spanning research in cancer prevention, treatment, cure, and support. Cancer researchers affiliated with many different organizations and areas of cancer study are accelerating discovery with access to unprecedented computing power.

01-28-02 TechTV Labs has given high marks to Plextor for creating CD recorders that are not only fast, but also reliable and compatible with the widest range of authoring software. Plextor's new PlexWriter 40/12/40A ($209) offers the fastest disk-recording abilities we have ever seen, but the availability of blank media capable of supporting the "fastest recorder ever" may initially limit its potential. The four-minute burn: A record shattered Until now, the fastest recorders we have tested couldn't fill a standard 74-minute CD in less than four minutes. The 24X burners we've seen came closest. TDK demonstrated a 32X recorder at this year's Consumer Electronics Show (CES) that should break the four-minute mark, but we have yet to get one into our Labs.

Plextor decided to bypass 32X speed and move straight to 40X, a decision that requires reformulated blank media guaranteed to function at extreme recording speeds. A year ago, 16X recorders were king and we had no problems recording at full speed using 12X rated media (or lower). At 40X recording speeds, blank media becomes a serious issue.

01-23-02 www.customatix.com
When I was a kid, I used to wear Zips. They came in the coolest of colors with all sorts of designs. Nowadays, I can't find anything close to their supremacy. So when I checked out www.customatix.com <http://www.customatix.com/>, I was ecstatic to see that I could design my own shoes and have them shipped to my doorstep. So I went to work. I created the most obnoxious pair of tennis shoes possible, with pink and navy blue lining. You can influence the design on practically every inch of your shoe, from adding a devil on the tongue to having silver shoelaces. I wonder if gangs will catch on to this. Pretty soon kids will have to wear specific shoes to school that aren't "gang-related."
When the shoes arrived, everyone was pretty much speechless because they were so ridiculous. But they are mine, designed by me, just for me. The cost wasn't too bad, $85, considering most Nike and Adidas shoes sell for the same amount on the market today. Nike has even tried to get in on the act with custom id shoes. The problem is, Nike doesn't want their logo seen on pink and navy blue shoes, so the choices are much more restricted. I think my next pair is going to be green and red.
You know, they always say you can judge someone by the shoes they are wearing.

01-22-02 TruthOrFiction.com...your Email Reality Check!
Check out rumors, inspirational stories, virus warnings, humorous tales, pleas for help, urban legends, prayer requests and calls to action to see if they are TRUTH! or FICTION!

01-21-02 Enter below for your chance to win the grand prize trip for two to Nashville! You could be set loose for a shopping spree at Bass Pro Shop in the Opry Mills shopping center! No purchase is necessary, you must be at least 21 years of age to enter, and this contest is void where prohibited by law. CLICK HERE to sign up!.

01-18-02 If you are in the market for a new or used automobile you need to see this site! FTC Consumer protection agency

01-17-02 Tech News- GARDEN CITY, N.Y.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Jan. 8, 2002-- Extending and enhancing the storage flexibility of CD-RW drives, TDK today announced the introduction of the world's first CD-RW burner capable of packing 2GB of uncompressed data on inexpensive optical discs. Priced at just a small premium over conventional CD-RW burners, the new TDK drive incorporates a MultiLevel (ML) read/write chip that adds a 2GB super-size mode to its standard CD-R/RW recording capability when used with TDK ML-R (write once) or ML-RW (rewritable) discs. Ideally suited to the needs of office and home users who need a fast, affordable way to backup and archive large amounts of data, the new TDK drive is rated at 36X/24X/40X in ML mode. This enables users to archive 2GB of data in less than six minutes. An internal drive with ATAPI connectivity, the new drive is Windows XP compatible and will carry an estimated street price of just $199 when it is released in the second quarter of this year. 2GB TDK Certified Plus ML-R and ML-RW discs will be available to support the launch of the drive, and will be available at estimated street prices of $1.99 and $2.99, respectively. The drive will be available in retail and OEM versions.

01-16-02 Valentine Fun at Kid's Domain
Valentine Fun at Kids Domain. ... Happy Valentines Day! You'll find crafts, games,cards and more to celebrate with. Valentines Day is on February 14th. ... Valentine coloring pages, crafts, word searches, mazes, graphics and music.

01-15-02 Showcasing the finest from LEGO® fansaround the world. The site features Lego Castles, Space, and Mecha creations -- but the main focus is really Castle. This realm is remarkably detailed and interfaces with realms created by other LEGO builders online

01-14-02 Therapeutic humor is defined to be: any intervention that promotes health and wellness by stimulating a playful discovery, expression or appreciation of the absurdity or incongruity of life's situations. This intervention may enhance health or be used as a complementary treatment of illness to facilitate healing or coping, whether physical, emotional, cognitive, social, or spiritual.

Diamond Mine Game. For those gloomy afternoons at work or at home treat yourself to some fun!



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Airline discounts

Here's good news for anyone thinking about a trip American Airlines just kicked off an air fare sale. It's another way for the carrier to boost lagging ticket sales over all. Now through January 15th, you can book a flight anywhere in the continental U.S. for as little as $99-$199. Best of all, you can use those tickets through May 19th. They're calling this the "Great American Getaway" sale. To save even more money, they say, book online at the following link:

NASA's Visible Earth
NASA redefines the phrase "global perspective" with hundreds of high-resolution snapshots taken from orbiting satellites. This "searchable directory of images, visualizations, and animations" is filled with beautiful and sobering images: oil spills in the Galapagos, smoggy haze over Eastern China, dust over the Red Sea, sea ice in Antarctica. Don't miss the Earth's city lights at night, which has been making the screen background rounds. We suggest you start at the browse page.

It's Another New Year... but for what reason?
"Happy New Year!" That greeting will be said and heard for at least the first couple of weeks as a new year gets under way. But the day celebrated as New Year's Day in modern America was not always January 1.


Sign up for a FREE monthly Resolution Reminder e-mail that will be sent to you throughout the entire year — full of helpful tips and internet links to hopefully encourage you to succeed in meeting your personal goals. Get motivated! Get support! Get a Resolutions Buddy!

Making a New Year's Resolution

It's hard not to get the resolution urge on New Year's Eve. There's that sense of renewal, of rebirth, and the guilty awareness that you ate your own weight in chocolate during the holidays. Sure, last year's resolutions didn't make it past the fifth of January, but hey, this year's going to be different, right?

TheK95.5 WB Morning Circus is restoring a 1974 Chevelle and here is a gret place online to find out information on older Chevelles. We are a group of Chevelle Enthusiasts who have gathered together to promote and maintain information and resources for the Chevrolet Chevelle and its derivatives, including the Malibu, El Camino, Concours, Greenbrier, Nomad, and GMC Sprint models. TEAM CHEVELLE!

FLASHBACK TO 12-22-2000 See Santa's website! The North Pole.com Visit Santa's Den, The Elves work shop, even see where the reindeere live!

United Airlines has decided to honor unsung heroes by running a contest. If you go to www.united.com/heroes, you can brag about your hero of choice and be entered for the chance to win one of 25 trips to Salt Lake to watch the Winter Olympics with your honoree.

First Chips and Dips

Hands down, the best week of 2001. Thick with quality sites top to bottom, this week probably set more bookmarks than any other week in recent memory. It led off with the then just-underway 1000 Journals Project, an idea that now makes for fascinating browsing. Also featured on this glorious week -- Song Fight!, the place for amateur songsmiths to make their case; Pseudo Dictionary, a language lover's dream; and On the Rail, a behind the scenes look at the food-service biz. The shining star of this week was Taquitos.net, an extensive news and reviews site for every type of chip imaginable. This crunch-tastic site was assuredly one of 2001's best. Speaking of which...

Running a little bit late this year? Your not finished shopping for cousins aunt's new boyfriend? Last year you sent out Christmas cards on the 26th. This year send all of your Christmas cards online! Yahoo Cards Amazon Cards

yourmobile.com customize your cell phone. The next time your cell phone rings how would like it to play the theme from James Bond 007? Yes you can customize the ring on your cell phone by visiting www.yourmobile.com

Real Snowglobes 3D brings the latest in real-time 3D rendering technology to the world of screensavers. Choose from three themes: PhotoCube, Seattle, and Santa's House. In Photo Cube, the 3D cube floats and spins, suspended within the globe. In the Plus version you can add your own photos of family and friends to the scene. In Seattle, you can take a virtual tour of this breathtaking city. In Santa's House, Santa checks the weather conditions while his friend Mr. Snowman keeps a sharp eye out. Beautiful visuals and breathtaking scenery help to put you in the holiday spirit. In this version, three of nine themes are enabled. All nine themes are enabled in the Plus version ($9.95).

For that special day of memories to a renewal of vows, we can meet your special needs. Let us plan an intimate ceremony for two or a wedding for up to 12 guests. We have packages that let you choose any or all the luxuries we offer. Our wedding chapel, reception room and arbor are available to set the stage for your memorable day. We offer an in-house minister, a professional photographer on staff, wedding cakes, complimentary toasting beverages and French crystal toasting glasses, bouquet and boutonnieres, music and a setting for small receptions. We offer romantic accommodations with fireplaces and hot tubs. (Adults only). Our private cottages were built to charm you with their elegance and entice you with their amenities. Fine linens, English bone china, crystal, and brass beds grace all our cottages.

DVD Decrypter

....How about ripping a DVD to your computer? Well, to do that you will need a DVD Decrypter. A DVD Decrypter is a free tool which enables you decrypt and copy a DVD to your PC's hard disk. Click here to download a DVD Decrypter.


They tell you where to go, what to do, and why you should do it. And despite their ubiquity, the signs that make up a good part of the American landscape are usually met with no more than a passing glance. Aiming his camera straight at good old-fashioned signage of all shapes and sizes, Philip Chmiel provides a glimpse into the underappreciated art of signs. From gaudy neon relics of the '50s to the garish paintings of today, signs surround us. By browsing through this intriguing collection of photos, you might just learn a little bit about good sign design.

D. Gorton

is from the Delta of Mississippi, have a son who is a Marine Lt. and LAV commander at Firebase Rhino, and another son who is with the 82nd Airborne (1/504th) at Fort Bragg, and am married to a college professor
He has been invovled wit serveral album covers including Patty Loveless. "The picture of Patty Loveless was made this past spring near Stone, Kentucky. Sony Music had called me because Patty was putting together music that sprang from her "roots" as a child of a coal miner in eastern Kentucky. Rather than a slick presentation, of her music or her image, they wanted the work to actually reflect the land where Patty had grown up. They called me because that's what I do." D. Gorton said. "Most of my work portrays people against the background of an ordinary life, but in an extraordinary moment. That's the power of still photography: to isolate that moment so that it stands for more than just one person's experience." Said D. Gorton. He is also interested in the loss of population in the middle of America; the small towns and farms that have disappeared. "It is from the countryside that so much of the brilliance of American culture was formed. The great writers, thinkers, musicians, and even captains of industry were nurtured by the love and values of the American countryside." And it shows in his work! Beautiful crafted pictures from around the country. At first glance you can hear the music, stare at it for awhile and you will be ready to jump in. See the site!


www.half.com As you bring in all your new Christmas toys... you're probably wondering what to do with the old junk you've had lying around for months. You know, the Mariah Carey box set, the Yasmine Bleeth Say No to Drugs TeeShirt, and the Hansen Reunion VHS special. Why not sell them?
At Half.com, you can list your items at a set price for others to purchase. The site takes a 10% commission, but they also reimburse you for standard shipping. Twice a month, your earnings can be directly deposited into your bank account. Sounds pretty simple... even for the Internet challenged.


Special Email I didnt know how you chose your inernet minutes or even if this would be something you could do But I lost my son to SIDS on November 1,2000 He was just 7 weeks and 4days old and since then I have joined a great group on the net Sidsfamilies.com it was organized by a grieving mom just like myself and she has turned this site into a one stop spot for grieving families.Please go and take a look and while you are there look at my son on Nursery Page 17.His Name is Keston Brett McClure.Thank you in advance Misty McClure,kestonsmom

Real Beer

Beer, sweet beer. Buy beer - imports and microbrews - delivered to your door. Discover anything about beer, brewpubs, microbreweries, homebrewing, and the beer industry! We have three beer of the month clubs, a Rare Beer Store, over 150,000 pages about beer, searchable brewery and pub databases, beer festival and event calendars, and news about beer. Look for info on the 3,800 year old beer recipe.


Forget what you've heard about pearls starting as a grain of sand in an oyster -- this site delivers the real dirt on pearls. It's more likely that a stray food particle will cause a mollusk to create those lustrous gems. People can artificially start this process in mollusks, which is how cultured pearls are created. While many societies from ancient times to the modern day have adored pearls, some prefer the mollusk shell's mother of pearl. No matter what your preference, this pearl of a site will shed new light on these glossy jewels.


This collection of cute games will make minutes melt into hours as you try and conquer these seemingly simple diversions. No complicated rules and strategies, just use your mouse and keyboard and some deft hand-eye coordination. Try your hand at holding the rope against a powerful rhino, saving cute little chicks falling from the sky, or nabbing flies while jumping in a pond of lilypads. The highlight for us was trying to break 500 in the supremely addictive snowbowling. With two dozen well-designed games of this ilk, you'll be wasting time in no time flat.

Portals to the World

This Library of Congress site provides one-stop shopping for your international information needs. Curious about Croatia? Portals to the World links to everything from embassies to travel tips. Want some background on world events? The site offers directories for Afghanistan and Pakistan, as well as other countries in the news today. There's even a handy listing of Spanish-language sites about the United States. The world is literally at your fingertips.


With so many people buying new computers and not getting the Windows CD
with their purchase and manufacturers telling them "Sorry you will have
to format" if you need to reinstall Windows, Rick Austin has taken the
time to explain how you can reinstall Windows without formatting. Rick
outlines in detail how to create your own Windows CD from the
manufacturers Recovery Disk. It's a simple and quick process. Go to

Ken Blackburn's Paper Airplanes and More

If man were meant to fly, God would've given him wings. Or so goes the old saying. Tell that to Ken Blackburn, record-holding paper airplane architect and "pilot." His site offers the complete tale of his world record, the upstarts who surpassed it, and Blackburn's eventual return to the top spot. Other bits of flotsam include an essay on aerodynamics, a history of paper airplanes, and links to books, related sites, and, yes, a Yahoo! club for paper airplane aficionados. If you've ever folded a piece of notebook paper and daydreamed your creation into the sky, this site is a great place to take off from.

Online metric converter - US customary & metric conversions for unit measurements


From the humble "bugs" of the '50s and '60s to the busy beetle of today, Volkswagen automobiles have developed a fervent following. Step into the Vortex and experience the pinnacle of VW enthusiasm. Motor over to the features section and check out incredible DIY projects, get the scoop from auto shows around the world, and take an informative factory tour. You'll also find the latest news, a lively forums area, and resources for owners. VW owners swear by their cars, and when the sweet-lookin' 600hp W12 coupe hits the freeway, you'll probably swear, too.


Millions of web sites exist on the Internet, and many of them -- newspapers, online magazines, and weblogs -- are updated daily. Daypop harnesses the power of the Internet and "crawls the living web at least once a day to bring you the latest information relevant to your searches." Currently indexing over 5,800 sites, the site aims to be the Web's current events search engine. And if you're interested in finding the most-popular stories being linked to by webloggers from around the world, head over to the Daypop Top 40 for a fascinating look at the world around us.

A More Perfect Union

Through historic photos, first-person accounts, music, and text, this Smithsonian site immerses you in the world of Japanese-Americans from late 19th-century immigration through the injustices of World War II and beyond. The harsh conditions in the internment camps and the artwork created by internees are carefully documented. The sections on the 100th/442nd segregated military units are especially heart-wrenching -- these battalions suffered huge losses, yet were some of the most decorated U.S. military units ever. The final sections on postwar justice and Japanese-Americans today are an inspiring triumph over a dark era in American history.

American Roots Music

PBS consistently produces outstanding companion web sites to accompany its TV programs, and this thoughtful exploration into the roots of American music continues in that tradition. Interviews with roots music pioneers -- Bela Fleck, Buddy Guy, Willie Nelson, and B.B. King, to name a few -- provide insight into how roots music started in America. Eternal Songs offers detailed descriptions of key songs that reflect the American experience, while The Songs & The Artists section lists the songs heard on the TV series and gives biographical information on the musicians who've been essential in the development of the genre.

Dream Catcher

Have you ever had a dream so intricate and intense you couldn't believe your own twisted mind? Have you jolted awake from a night of "mental gymnastics" and thought, What the...? Well, here's your chance to make a public spectacle of your most private thoughts. While there's a blog for just about every self-absorbed topic, this is one where self-absorption works. Why? Think of it's as fantasy quid pro quo -- collective unconscious therapy. You spill your intimate details while you crawl into the heads and dream journals of others. In the process, you'll find that other folks are just as whacked in the head as you.

11-09-01 TerraFly

This site was developed by the High Performance Database Research Center to "aid in the visualization of remotely sensed and spatial data via the Internet." Sounds serious, huh? However, in layman's terms, it means you can virtually fly over any part of the United States. How cool is that? Try typing in the address of your childhood home and see what's happening in the old 'hood. Now you can explore the entire country without ever logging off.

11-07-01Don't miss the CMA's tonight on CBS! Also check out some great artist items on the CMA ebay auction site.

No less than 100% of the net proceeds from these special souvenirs will go to charities, as designated by the artists themselves.

Last year's CMA Awards charity auction efforts raised thousands of dollars for important causes and featured many terrific treasures. Give a helping hand to one of many worthwhile organizations.

11-06-01 Win a trip to see George Strait live in concert at the houston livestock.

11-05-01 Check Out the Scores for the Thursday nights Bowling Scores

Celebrities beware! Waitstaff at restaurants across the country are keeping an eye on you and reporting your tipping habits to the rest of the world at www.stainedapron.com <http://www.stainedapron.com/>. They separate the good tippers and the bad tippers, classifying them as either "saints" or "scum."
Guess whether the following celebrities are saints or scum...
· Johnny Depp -- saint
· Marie Osmond -- scum
· David Lee Roth -- scum
· Angelina Jolie -- saint
· Ethan Hawke -- scum
· Keanu Reeves -- saint
· Mark McGwire -- scum
· Al Gore -- scum
· Backstreet Boys -- saints
· Tim Allen -- saint


On November 1, the National Center for Family Literacy (NCFL) and Toyota bring you the eighth annual celebration of National Family Literacy Day. Families and educators all over the country use this time of year to highlight the impact of parents and children learning together. National Family Literacy Day http://www.famlit.org.

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