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2-21-2000 Is K95.5's Tiffany Tucker a groupie? J.Dice seems to think so. Hear is one of the bands she follows! The Cross Canadian RagWeed you might have heard their tune Hey Hey on K95.5. Check out the site and be sure to sign the guestbook!

2-17-2000 Tom Arnold has set up a Web site to find his next bride. On www.marrytom.com, he lists the qualities he is looking for in his next bride, and what she should expect from him. Tom says he has received 75,000 replies in just over two weeks. He plans to travel to different cities to meet some of his potential wives.

2-16-2000 Ever get stuck in the middle of nowhere and need to use the bathroom? Well hears a new product that every sport utility vehicle needs! It is called the Bumper Dumper!

2-15-2000 Way to go NETO! 5000 online customers!!!!

2-14-2000 It's Valentine's Day! Your out of cash and you feel guilty about not getting your valentine a card. Don't fret just go to Bluemountain.com and send a card for free! Happy Valentine's Day!

2-11-2000 SSMail.com Offers the Media a Preview to Evaluate Revolutionary Free Browser Based Voice Messaging. San Francisco, California, February 10, 2000 - SSMail.com, Inc. opens its website to the media before its advertising campaign begins. Members of the media will be the first to use revolutionary new technology to send voice messages and e-mail through their web browsers This technology is revolutionary because you don't need a new phone number, you don't need to download software, and you don't need to wait for the sound file to download before you hear the message. With a click of the mouse, you can send your own voice rather than an e-mail message to your friends, family and business associates. It is all instantaneous and simple to use. Users will never have to type an email message again. It's no problem if a voicemail message is sent to someone without an SSMail.com account. The voicemail message will appear as a normal attachment that will play through any Windows based computer, so you don't have to leave your email account to hear it. If you are an SSMail.com user however, this new technology allows you to hear the message immediately even with the slowest telephone modem because the message is compressed and streamed right through your web browser. SSMail.Com users can also send the same voice message to everyone on an email distribution list. No more calling to invite dozens of people to a meeting or event. Just record a message in the web browser and click the send button. The voice message is instantly sent to everyone on your distribution list. Now anyone on the planet can plug a microphone into any computer and send and receive voice mail through a web browser, for free.

2-10-2000 Want to tell your Valentine how you feel, but can't seem to compose the right words? Just click on www.CyranoServer.com , the automatic Valentine and love letter writer! Choose to write a letter to a friend, family member or co-worker; enter nouns, adjectives and adverbs and let Cyrano do the rest. You'll have an eloquent, or possibly charmingly hilarious , Valentine to send. In fact, Cyrano is so good, it will even help you compose "Dear John" letters to skillfully spurn the advances of unsuitable suitors!

2-9-2000 FOLLOW YOUR MONEY The Fed talks a lot about money in circulation, but Colleen Marsala is actually doing something about it. She writes www.wheresgeorge.com on all her money. Then she records the serial number of the bill on the website and waits to see if the bill shows up. If you come across a bill that has the URL on it, log onto the site and record where you got it. Marsala says, "I've seen mine spent in bars and fast-food places. One was used to pay for a hooker." The site's creator claims 3.5 percent of the bills are tracked. The rest of the money ends up in pockets of people who have lives.



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