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Aug 1 Greatest Grilled Cheese Sandwich
Have we got a weekend project for you: You’re in charge of inventing the world’s most perfect grilled cheese. (Not that a regular old grilled cheese isn’t just about perfect all by itself, of course.) The folks at Dupont – they invented Teflon, you know -- are sponsoring a contest for sandwiches in various categories

Aug 2nd John Selvia Binary Tutorial
Geeks of a certain age may have been exposed to Fingermath, which taught us to do quick basic mathematics on our fingers. If you appreciate the idea of turning numbers into a kinesthetic experience, you’re right on time for this venerable site

Aug 4th WearYellow
It’s the must-have, no-downside fashion statement of the year: That “Live Strong” yellow wristband you’re seeing on everyone from John Kerry to George Bush to all those cyclists at the Tour de France, wearing theirs in honor of fellow cyclist Lance Armstrong.

Aug 5th America’s Library
This site provides a great introduction to the astonishing resources of the Library of Congress for kids, and a nifty quick dose of trivia for adults.

Aug 6th I Work For a Gangster
Hoax? Do you care? This blog, allegedly written by an associate of what certain of our grandmothers would have called a macher (a guy who makes stuff happen for friends and business partners, by any means necessary)

Aug 9th Nuclear Elephant File Sharing Experiment
Of course, file sharing’s not going away, or even getting less popular. According to this site, that’s good news for the entertainment industry, if only it understood the true consumer impact. This project asks downloaders to (anonymously) tell about music, movies or games they’ve purchased as a result of downloading.

Aug 10th http://www.coralreef.noaa.gov, provides links to: * Search for NOAA Coral Reef Data, Information and Products: This page directs users to NOAA's Coral Reef Information System, launched in 2002, to consolidate access to NOAA's coral reef information and data products.

Aug 11th NationMaster
Statistics fiends and trivia mavens, welcome home. This mighty site collects data from a number of official sources and makes it available to you. Ever needed to know which country exports the most mushrooms to the US? (Canada.)

Aug 12th Fool's World Map
Or you can be stupid about it, thus providing mirth for the rest of us. This silly-but-not-really site documents how it’d believed most American see the world, much as that classic New Yorker cover by Saul Steinberg reveals the trust that Manhattanites don’t really perceive much of the world beyond their happy island.

Aug 13th Paper Cutouts: Bill Gates' House
Some people are so hard to shop for. Have you ever considered giving the gift of Bill Gates’ house?

Aug 16th National Zoo Tiger Cub Cam
Hello kitty! This May, one of the zoo's three Sumatran tigers gave birth to triplet tiger cubs. They're making their social debut this week, putting in an appearance before their adoring public from 7:30am to 9:30am each day.

Aug 17th RealGM
Basketball fantasy leaguers know that a general manager's lot isn't all sports appreciation and good seats: The business of sports these days involves a lot of numbers-crunching. If you happen to be a GM for an actual NBA team, you know all about this incredible site, which helps keep the fine details of athletes' contracts in front of you as you ponder trades; of course, you're also paying many thousands of dollars for the high-octane tools.

Aug 18th Oxymorons
"Jumbo shrimp," "mud bath," "instant classic" — some phrases just sound wrong, and though we appreciate the rhetorical value of oxymorons, we suspect that too many people use them without thinking.

Aug 19th Exploratorium: Origins
Where do we come from? What happened when the universe began? What can we learn about the beginning of our species or our planet? This gorgeous project tells the stories of six major research facilities using everything from Webcast interviews to articles to photos.

Aug 20th POTATO FEAST DAYS This weekend: Houlton, ME. Events include potato barrel rolling and mashed potato wrestling.

Aug 23rd Microsoft lists applications that will have problems with upgrade before you download and install the latest patch from Microsoft for XP, read this article! Last week, Microsoft published a toolkit allowing IT managers to temporarily block SP2 from installing before they are ready for it.

Aug 24th VoterVirgin
Never voted? Used to vote but haven’t in the last few elections? Pal, this is your year. This project aims to get people to the polls, which of course means getting them registered.

Aug 25th The Mars Society was founded to further the exploration and settlement of the Red Planet.

Aug 26th 11th CHICAGO UNDERGROUND FILM FESTIVAL: Chicago, IL. Specializes in experimentation, innovation and artistic freedom films.

Aug 27th LITTLE LEAGUE BASEBALL WORLD SERIES: Williamsport, Pa. the game is Aug. 29th .

Aug 30th http://www.folkartmuseum.org The National Jewelry Institute sponsors an exhibit of over 150 pieces of American jewelry including those from Tiffany, Cartier and Harry Winston at the American Folk Art Museum.

Aug 31st BLACKOPS: HACKATTACK CHALLENGE 2004: Singapore.This computer hacker challenge involves six teams attempting to hack into each other's computers and steal information.


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