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Apr 1st If you’re a NASCAR novice, NASCAR For Dummies can help you with the basics of the sport – the differences between the NASCAR Winston Cup Series and the NASCAR Busch Series, Grand National Division – so you can build upon your NASCAR knowledge from there. If you’re more advanced, you'll discover the subtleties of the sport so you can sound like an old pro.

Apr 2nd TEXAS MOTOR SPEEDWAY Bristol NASCAR NEXTEL Cup winner Kurt Busch will now focus his attention on "The Great American Speedway" for Sunday's Samsung/RadioShack 500. The defending Crown Royal International Race of Champions titlewinner will also compete in Friday night's 100-mile IROC round.

Apr 6th Text on Things
W e're currently fascinated by this simple blog, which chronicles the simplest and most humble uses of letters and numbers. Why does the packaging for a certain kind of roofing tile say "SNELDEK RBB SNELDEK SNELDEK RBB SNELDEK?" What information is to be conveyed by the imprint "7-4" on a coffee stirrer? We don't know, but somewhere in the world, other people see those characters and draw meaning from them.

Apr 7th MyBargainBuddy.com
Serious shoppers love a good Net bargain, and this site delivers, with plenty of great deals listed along with those all-important coupon codes. The site's sorted by category, but we found the daily list of new offers to be the most useful (and fun) stop, with a number of honestly impressive offers on sites we already know and like.

Apr 8th American Community Survey
We’re not due for another full-scale U.S. census until 2010, but our communities are nonetheless changing all the time. To see a great deal of state-by-state data on everything from local poverty rates to household composition to ethnic makeup, drop by this well-designed site, which presents part of what is learned in the ongoing series of yearly surveys the Bureau conducts.

Apr 9th Forestry Images
This joint project of The Bugwood Network, USDA Forest Service and the University of Georgia has as its overall objective 'to provide an accessible and easily used archive of high quality images related to forest health and silviculture, with particular emphasis on educational applications.

Apr 12th Jeffrey Steele is a top grade, totally successful, hotly in demand, can’t write ‘em fast enough Songwriter! In the last 3 years over 200 of his songs have been recorded by some of Nashville’s biggest stars: Tim McGraw, Faith Hill, Trace Adkins, Montgomery Gentry, Collin Raye, Diamond Rio, LeAnn Rimes, Rascal Flatts, Randy Travis, Lonestar, Jamie O’Neal, and just about every act in country music.

Apr 13th Omelet
You don’t read Danish. Fine. If you know how to make an omelet, you may find that figuring out how to play this Flash game is even more fun while being ordered around by an animated, toque-wearing egg.

Apr 14th The Senator Prank
There’s something terribly sweet and a little corny about this project: John Hargrave, pretending to be a 10-year-old boy, sent letters to all 100 U.S. Senators asking for their favorite jokes. A few answered, and Hargrave prints their letters here (along with a charming note acknowledging the fact that the respondents were kind to take time out of their days, or their aides’ days, to answer a letter from non-voting non-constituent). And the jokes? Not all bad..

Apr 15th Tax day

Apr 16th AD TUNES If you’re wondering who’s singing what in those spots these days, check in here

Apr 20th LegalTorrents.com
Need fresh music for the weekend? Acquaint yourself with this site, which offers a good selection of MP3s made freely available by their net.labels – and, as of this week, a downloadable copy of Free Culture, Lawrence Lessig’s latest book on digital rights, downloading, and the culture wars.

Apr 21st iWorkWithFools.com
Please, you've said it yourself at least once. (Yes, even if you're self-employed in a one-person office.) Blow off steam or commiserate with fellow-sufferers at this site, which invites anonymous contributions detailing just how bad it is around your workplace.

Apr 22nd MyDreamD8
Billions of dollars in mobile-phone technology have come to this: The world's first moblog-based elimination-dating competition. Let's break that phrase down - a moblog is a mobile blog, updated from a cell phone or PDA; an elimination competition is what they do on Survivor or similar shows; dating is… oh, behave. The contest itself is restricted to subscribers of certain cell-phone providers, but you should check this site out to see how the rest of the world is using technologies we've barely begun to tap

Apr 23rd Movie Web Cards
Here’s a fun way to kick off your weekend entertainment planning: Send your friends an e-card of the very movie you’d like to go see (or rent) with them. This site has a nice (not comprehensive, but nice) selection of recent, current, and coming attractions, and we found that the movies we selected from the A-Z list had a variety of good choices for our e-mailing convenience.

Apr 26th EssayGenerator.com
Ever been tempted to turn in a written project – a homework assignment, a news article, or the like – without bothering to do your own research and writing? This site can help you out; all you have to do is type in the topic of your assignment / project / geopolitical upheaval and click the button. The site will deliver a custom-written essay that you can cut, paste, and print out for your own uses.

Apr 27th BlogMaverick: The Mark Cuban Weblog
The flamboyant entrepreneurial zillionaire isn't an entirely American creature – Sir Richard Branson does it as well as anyone, after all – but the recent success of The Apprentice reminds us that mouthy rich people can be awfully entertaining. (As opposed to rich people like, say, Martha Stewart or Bernie Ebbers.) Mark Cuban, dot-com mogul and owner of the Dallas Mavericks, is now writing his own blog, in which he's airing his thoughts on the press, refs, his new show, and pretty much anything else he likes

Apr 28th Humor Gazette
John Breneman is a funny guy. In fact, he’s a professional funny guy, which puts his not-exactly-the-news Web site a cut above a great deal of what purports to be humor online. We’ve been a fan since the days of his Fake News column, and are exceedingly impressed to see that he’s retired from the dead-tree press to grace the Web with his stylings.

Apr 29th 80s Lyrics Quiz
This hundred--plus-question, fill-in-the-blank quiz will break the heart of anyone who feels fairly smug about having left the legwarmer-and-torn-sweatshirt decade safely behind. We strongly recommend that you undertake this endeavor only in the company of friends who don’t mind you singing off-key, mondegreen-laden versions of songs that are trying desperately to get off the tip of your tongue.

Apr 30th Bully Whys
If your child is being menaced by a bully (or if you have particularly strong memories of those low points of growing up), “why” is certainly one of the questions on your mind. Julie Clark presents some thoughts on the matter, but more importantly she’s got some good advice here for helping your kid cope


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