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4-28-2000 INTERNET NEWS! Wireless coming to Paris, TX. NEATO has explored many possible ways to offer broadband internet access. There are many technologies out there that promise low cost, high speed internet access. ISDN, DSL, Cable, T1, T3, etc, etc...Unfortunately DSL has very strict distance limitations, Cable has very real security issues and the problem of sharing bandwidth with everyone on your circuit, T1 and T3 are way too expensive, and ISDN while affordable has very low speeds when compared to the other technologies. NEATO has decided upon deploying wireless technologies. We hope to have our first wireless customer turned up within the next month. After this first test case, we expect to roll out wireless services in all of our coverage areas one section at a time. Home users will be able to connect to the internet at speeds up to 2mbps. (Higher speeds will be available to business customers at 11mbps or even greater by bonding multiple signals) Let's look at the advantages to a wireless connection: 1. High Speed: 2mbps as compared to an average of 44k-48k via modem 2. Always Connected: no more dialing up, busy signals, recordings or disconnects 3. Mobility!: Once our network is fully deployed, you'll be able to access the Internet while driving down the road as long as you are within about 2 miles of one of our wireless router locations (we don't recommend driving and surfing at the same time!!)

4-27-2000 Get help with your homework! This a good site for research too. Check out Homeworkheaven.com

4-26-2000 Rick Rockwell (of "Who Wants To Marry a Multi-Millionaire?" fame) is this month's featured bachelor on the online dating service sbforlove.com. The site's bio for the suddenly eligible Rockwell lists him as "one of the nation's top humorists," but fails to mention that pesky restraining order has haunted his 15 minutes of fame.

4-25-2000 Erasable Email! Erasable email prevents your messages from being permanently readable. Some versions limit the number of times messages can be opened and tag them so they can not be forwarded, cut, pasted or printed. Several companies are bringing email-erasing software to market soon, including: Disappearing Inc. visit their website at www.disppearing.com Ziplip.com, which has a product that erases email within a specific period, visit their website at www.ziplip.com

4-24-2000 How to Save Money on Your Family Vacation Don't be shy. Whether it's an airline, hotel or campground, it pays to inquire whether they offer discounts for membership in certain organizations, such as AAA, or for booking before a certain date. Click your mouse. Check the website for visitors' bureaus in every state you pan to pass through. They give referrals for family packages and many offer discount coupons. The San Diego Convention and Visitors' Bureau, for example, can give you a free savings book that includes discounts at Sea World, as well as area hotels and restaurants. Log onto www.SanDiego.org. Coronado Hotels Service launch a very informative, informaton site at  http://www.coronadohotelservice.com/ .

4-21-2000 Tracy Byrd is asking your listeners to help him decide between three different endings to his new video, "Love, You Ain't Seen the Last of Me." The single debuts on Fast Forward on April 20. Viewers can then go to www.CountryStars.com to vote for their favorite ending. The new video with the most requested ending will start airing on GAC on May 25.

4-20-2000 here is a great site for software for the business, communications, home, games, graphic, desktop and student software at softwareblast.com. Also look for daily updates for your existing software.

4-19-2000 Want to learn more about the internet? Maybe you are a trade show junkie! Find out where the next internet trade show is by visiting www.internettradeshowlist.com

4-18-2000 www.alwaysinstyle.com How would you like a personal stylist to tell you your ideal makeup colors, fragrance and even the clothing that will make you look most radiant? Click on this website and get all that professional advice completely free! Just fill out quick questionnaires about everything from your skin tone to body dimensions, and Always in Style will give you a full prescription for your best look, including makeup application and haircare tips. And by clicking on "shop for your products," you'll be connected to the sites where you can buy everything you need! It's your direct link to beauty.

4-17-2000 It is Tax Day, still need your taxes done? Call Burgess and Burgess CPA's at 580-326-5541!

Visit them at Burgess and Burgess CPA's

4-14-2000 Want to learn how to build a website? Try Poor Richard's Website (the Book) It is a GEEK free way to build and manitain a website. If you are wanting to build a website on your own start with this book. Go to www.topfloor.com to find out more.

4-13-2000 Ever wonder who wrote or recorded a certain song? Check out this website! If you only know a phrase type it in and find that long lost song. www.song1.com

4-12-2000 With The Oak Ridge Boys coming to town, it is only fitting that we feature their site. Find out information about each member, tour dates, and their History. www.oakridgeboys.com

4-11-2000 WHAT DO YOU DO WHILE ON THE INTERNET? Here are the top things that women and men ages 25-49 do while surfing the Internet: Listen to radio: Women: 62%, Men: 66% Talk on the phone: Women: 53%, Men: 46% Watch TV: Women 47%, Men: 49% Do household chores: Women: 32%, Men: 22% Pay bills: Women: 18%, Men: 24%

4-10-2000 .Shania Twain is featured on the U.S. cover of FHM magazine. Here is the to see her cover shot www.fhmus.com.

4-7-2000 DIFFERENT WAYS TO SAY "I LOVE YOU" You can learn to say "I love you" in 52 languages at www.whodoyoulove.com/lovetranslations.

4-6-2000 GET PAID TO FEEL BETTER Do you suffer from headaches? PMS? Heartburn? Allergies? If you have a nagging medical complaint, there's a chance some of the countries top doctors are willing to treat you -- for free! Even better -- they'll pay you for the privilege, if you'll participate in a medical study, according to Matthew Lesko, author of Free Health Care. Medical schools and research institutes are always looking for participants in studies for ailments as varied as obesity, ulcers, asthma, flu, as well as hundreds of others. To find a nearby research study that pays, try: The National Institute of Health (800-411-1222). They'll tell you which universities and hospitals are conducting studies in your area. If you're selected for on that has a few volunteers. They may even pay to fly you to the hospital where the trial is being held. Your local research hospital. Research hospitals often have "university" in their name, but not always, so call your local hospital to ask if itís a research facility; the switchboard will direct you to the person in chare of clinical studies. Your local newspaper. Check the classified ads for announcements of clinical studies being conducted in your area. Your doctor. Many physicians receive information about clinical studies, but don't normally pass along information to patients -- unless they ask. Th internet. Many internet sites match volunteers with clinical studies. Two to try: www.centerwatch.com and www.cc.nih.gov.

4-5-2000 Blockbuster Videoís Web site, www.blockbuster.com, asked surfers what singer they thought would be the next superstar to cross over to a successful film career. Pop star Christina Aguilera topped the list and was followed by Britney Spears, Ricky Martin, Shania Twain and Garth Brooks.

4-4-2000 Terri Clark took a recent look through her closet and found a few things she wanted to auction off for charity. So on April 1st, several autographed Clark items have been up for bids on E-bay. Visit Terri's Web site (www.terriclark.avana.net) and check out some of her on and off stage garb, including her slightly ripped jeans, her suede Wranglers, an arm sling from "the New Mexico incident" and a few other interesting pieces. Proceeds from the fund raising effort will go to St. Jude Children's Hospital.

4-3-2000 Enter to win the guitar Chad Brock plays in his latest video "Yes!" Go to www.CountryStars.com for more details!

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