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The K95.5 WB Morning Circus! Will Payne and Barry Diamond

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K95.5 WB Morning Circus Survivor with Will Payne and Barry the winner is Misty Fairless!!!

The K95.5 WB Survivor Winner is!

Misty Fairless is off to the Arlington Hotel in Hot Springs! Plus a years supply of Bottled Water from Indian Springs bottled water in Antlers, Oklahoma. See the Details

Hear the contestants New Years Resolutions!

David Misty Todd Karen Cindy

listen to contestants sing their favorite Christmas Carol for Immunity! Click below.

TracyJohn Karen Laura Misty Todd David Cindy

Survive and win! Contestants from Northeast Texas and Southeast Oklahoma square off to out wit, out play, to win the "BIG PRIZE" Live on the K95.5 WB Morning Circus. The "Big Prize" is provided by Advanced Travel and Indian Springs bottled water.


Tracy Chitwood Off 01-17-02 David Poole 01-17-02 Cindy Whitley voted off 1-10-02
Karen Johnson off 01-03-02 Todd Young off 01-03-02 Laura Holder Off 12-20-01 John Fearn Voted off 12/13/01
Karry Norman Off 12-6-01 Philip Dean off 11-29-01 Mike Gallagher Voted off 11-23-01 Deanna Hurlburt Voted off 11-23-01
Cheri Taylor Voted off 11-8-01 Katrina Cadena Voted off 11/01/01 Janet Teague Voted off 10-25-01