CRS2001 Day 4

The Oak Ridge Boys   (32,340 bytes)The Oaks! (29,591 bytes)Wow what a performance!!! (29,572 bytes)Did you know that Duane (on left) is from Paris, Texas (26,336 bytes)Oaks sang Elvira.... (22,385 bytes)
John Anderson.. Just a swinging....Swinging (17,173 bytes)John Anderson, rocking out (21,805 bytes)John Anderson and his Les Paul Guitar (22,713 bytes)Vince Gill (16,403 bytes)Vince Gill just before the baby with Amy Grant (18,733 bytes)
Vince again (16,338 bytes)more Vince (17,172 bytes)Goodbye Vince (14,562 bytes)John Michael Montgomery (21,956 bytes)I love the way you love me... (20,997 bytes)
Eric Heatherly's 55 Chevy (39,994 bytes)Heathery's sweet 55 (39,340 bytes)MVC-019S.jpg (28,305 bytes)MVC-020S.jpg (38,654 bytes)All together now!!! (29,276 bytes)
Movie Review Guy with Eric Heatherly's 55 Chevy (42,640 bytes)More Movies and Hot Rods (41,441 bytes)John Michael Montgomery (19,016 bytes)Steve Wariner (17,525 bytes)Holes in the Floor of Heaven (16,829 bytes)
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