K95.5 WB Morning Circus from Texas Motor Speedway!

APR 6-9th. K95.5 WB Morning Circus will be broadcasting live this week from Texas Motorspeedway.

Flying Fox comes to Texas Motor Speedway, first introduced in football now the big brother version comes to Texas Motor Speedway. TMS can fit 8 Texas Stadiums inside the in-field and the grass on the front is larger than a football field. (according to Brad Gillie Total Access) The Flying Fox in use for Fox TV this week will cover more that 4 football fields. The Sky Cam is supported by two towers and the upper decks of the suites. The controler is constant contact with the broadcast both. (Click here to see the control screens) As complicated as it may seem all of the movements of the Flying Fox are determined by the JOY STICK. (Click here to see) Now who will be the first driver to flip and knock out the Flying Fox ?



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